Sunday, December 23, 2007

Stumbling down Memory Lane - Cancer Full Moon (Dec 24)

In the final Full Moon of 2007, we close the lunar cycles of this current year.

THis one isn't particularly easy - it falls in the sign of Cancer and is tied up with MARS so family situations are likely to dredge up old feelings and resentments (since Mars is retrograde (old anger, recreated aggression, retracing steps) in Cancer still, dragging up the past.

All trips down Memory Lane are apt to make you short-fused, irritable, and very angry. but passive aggressive. Taking your annoyances out on others in the present, based on things that happened in the past, is a sure way to mess things up even further ("creating more karma" as they say). It's tough, but whatever comes up, purge it without getting into a hot and heavy emotional display, if possible.

If not, enjoy the fireworks that are sure to fizzle and spark around you as you unleash years of pent up feelings. Home heating problems (Mars relates to heat and trapped aggression when retrograde) are a clue there's an aggression and anger issue not being expressed at home, burns while working in the kitchen, things that need repairing at home, Stomach issues, bloating, and all that belly action seems rife right now, and a sure sign you're having an emotional pull or 'hook' (think : "something here is unresolved" each time these issues come up).

If you're going back to the past, or back home, make sure it's to visit the best of it, and the worst of it with a view to not re-living it for the sake of emotional self-indulgence but to work out what happened then that is interfering with now. And then leave again. We've all moved on whether we allow ourselves to know this or not. Chaining ourselves to past grievances makes us a prisoner of a moment that has already been played out.

Cleaning up things at home is a great idea, clear a new space for new things to come in 08. It's feng-shui basics and make a lot of sense under a cleansing Full Moon in a sign connected to Home. Clear out your stomach of bad feelings, clear your chest with things left unexpressed.

Remember: Everything in your life RIGHT NOW was allowed there. You created your world. All gifts to yourself by buying them, allowing yourself to receive it.

So make this the measure on where you're 'at' with your life. Who are you, and how do you feel about YOURSELF based on what and WHO is in your emotional field currently.

Get angry, get pumped up if need be. This is the fuel to making lasting emotional changes in life now, based on what you NEED right here today rather than what you USED to need.

As the Sun in Capricorn is opposed by the Moon in Cancer, we face tradition. Christmas, Hannukah and every other 'holiday' - what does it mean now for You?

Forget family, forget how it always WAS done.
Think today. What makes you feel comfy and warm today? And move in that direction - even if it's far from a heritage you have been accustomed to.

Life is evolving now faster than ever before and each decision and FEELING is a major signpost on where to go next and whether you're on track on YOUR path, not someone else's.

So keep following the clues, keep feeling the feelings and steer yourself in a more comfy direction.

When it comes down to it - there's really no reason for stress, if we choose to bundle up in situations, with people and things in places that make us feel equally 'at home'.

Little Pig, it's time to build a new home!

All in time for 08. Perfect.

Start putting out a new welcome mat to invite a new comfort zone and safe space for yourself and everyone around you. Don't you deserve it?

Feel Great.


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TheSunscream said...

Thanks for the Holiday post, Neil. Definitely some important things to consider for the season and for the new year.

Happy Christmas.