Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some Astrological Thoughts on "Christmas"

For those interested in an Astrological look at what the Christmas season is all about, and how the story told by religion regarding the birth of the Jesus figure, may actually have an entirely different meaning, tune your dialer to 10 minutes into the film.


Debbie said...

Hi Neil! may I posting this message on your blog? Our earth urgently need help.

At this time of year, the karma of the year collects and forms some quite dense energies around the Earth - probably compounded by the energies emitted from the frantic lead up to Christmas preparations and the stresses associated with it for so many!! Anyhow, we are urged at this time of year by many who channel and have good communication to Source, that at this time of year, and particularly between Dec 20th and 23rd, we can help resolve/dissolve Earth's collective karma. Incidentally, most of the negative energies are generated from us humans anyway so it's good to give something back!

So please make some time over the next week, leading up to the New Year, to send healing and Love to Planet Earth - to the planet, humans, animals, plant life etc. Do it any way you feel is right for you, it's literally is the thought that counts! Simple as that.

Some examples are:

* If you are attuned to Reiki, channel Reiki
* Use a globe or picture of Earth (attached) and hold it in your hands, or place it on your lap. send it your Love - think back to a time in your life when you felt immense Love and imagine that feeling again and focus it on Earth.

* Same as above, but visualise healing energy beaming down from the Cosmos (higher dimension) into the top of your head, then flowing down through your body - flood your body with this energy, it can be any colour you like, but white/silver/gold/purple are very high frequency and often used in healing. Then flood this energy out through the palms of your hands and direct it to the globe/picture.

* You can simply visualise Earth glowing with healing light, surround it with Higher Beings, Angels etc and yourself, all beaming light to Earth - picture Earth and Life on Earth as healthy, happy and abundant

I think you get the picture (pardon the pun!) - but it doesn't matter how long you do this for or how you do it, the important thing is that we do it and we do it regularly. We can really help in our evolution by doing this not just at this time of year when the energies are at their most dense, but throughout the year too.

Below is a link to a short movie clip re Earth Healing. It may not be to everyone's taste, but the pictures of Earth are lovely and the sentiment is certainly pure and true.

Sirius (Russian Spiritual community) have created a video film-meditation "Earth I love you!" for the better visualization during the spiritual work.We will be glad if it will be of help to you. You are welcome to watch it here:

......I cannot stress enough the power of Thought and Intent....this is how we create our reality, so I urge you to Think carefully and set your Intentions for the greater good...we literally can move mountains!

Take Care and have a wonderful Christmas

Love & Light
Debbie xxx

Neil D Paris said...


Thanks for the thought, for the planet this Holiday - what an Age of Aquarius concept, especially at a time when many of us are stuck in our own problems.

I don't personally believe the Earth needs any help, as everything is holographically connected - the Earth is moving through changes just as we are, but i DO believe that each stress we alleviate in our own lives can only contribute to the Earth's evolving process too.

When we speak of not polluting the environment, it's merely a reflectionof us polluting our own energy fields with negative thoughts and so forth. The Earth is a fantastic mirror and therefore teacher. As we all are to each other, right?

The Earth reflects us - our thoughts, feelings, conflicts and beauty.

So let's all share some of this amazing energy, with everyone and everything everywhere. Thanks for sharing, Deb!