Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Smile! The Sun just moved into Leo (Jul 22)

Just a reminder, a cosmic nudge to ya, that we just entered Leo Season. The Sun just moved into the sign it rules - Leo, the Lion.

We all have a month for a bit more fun, joy, drama and laughter. You're still a kid. So celebrate that. Lighten up! Find new ways to Play & Create!

It's time to smile. Leo is the sign of creative self-expression. Time to do it YOUR way. And celebrate a spotlight purely for you. No one else can live your life, so you are the Ambassador of your Moment of Birth. Wear it with Leo Pride.

You can hear my audio clip on Leo and read up on what they're all about. Plus some gift ideas for your Leo allies.

Saluting the Kings & Queens of the Zodiac!
Your Astrologer,

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