Friday, July 18, 2008

Last Day: Transit Report special

Happy Full Moon!

Yes, today is the Capricornian Full Moon, (more on that soon, stay tuned). A two-week window of completion, resolution and the highlighting of specific areas of life we each need further insight on, individually. What's coming up for you? What will you discover?

Today also completes the offered special for the Transit Future Report. You can still order your own but not forever - the offer ends today at midnight PDT!

The Report will reveal what's going on right now for YOU and what you can do about it all, and which cycles you're moving into (to be prepared and cash in on open doors and opportunities and sidestep the potholes). 12 houses of our charts, 12 planetary energies, many possibilities.

And for those of you who ask, I DO keep track of my own transits, but I do fall victim sometimes to learning more in hindsight when I'm not looking (!), but the Reports always seem to touch on something essential to my current path, picture and future growth.

Enjoy yours!


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