Sunday, July 20, 2008

Your Soul Safety Net: Full Moon Ritual Readings

Feeling a little heavy under the Capricorn Full Moon?

It's natural. Sometimes we're up, sometimes we're a little more sombre. Capricorn rules the structure of things - in our bodies (skeleton, skin, bones, teeth, joints) and our lives (our job, security, status, reputation). We get to re-align with a better structure, or start seeing the cracks.  I cracked a tooth today!  

If you're having a hard time, depressed or just stuck in some area, then have no fear (easier said than done sometimes, eh?)  - my Full Moon Readings can help you focus your energies. They are rituals (simple and effective focusers) - to help you clear away what is no longer needed - and what your Chart says is needed right now.  Together we can navigate a clearer way forward.

The Full Moon Ritual & Reading is specially rated at $75. 

You can read up on what they involve at the following link.

You're not in this alone. Everything is on a cycle, even the crappier things we go through. From my tooth, to your loneliness, or cruddy job problem, or issue with someone close to you. WHATEVER it is, it's not going to last forever. The question becomes, WHAT should we be focusing on now and how best to move energy once more. These Readings will help, and I'll help you understand YOUR picture a little better.

Your Soul Safety Net,

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