Thursday, July 03, 2008

Feel-feel-feel: Cancer New Moon (Jul 2)

In the garden of life, we can only bloom and blossom bright when our soil is rich. When our roots become strangled with weeds of tangled emotions, things begin to wither and die.

Under the current Cancer New Moon we get to take a look at our 'soil' (our setting, or scene, our roots, our Home, our living situation and our emotional foundation) and decide if all is well, if we need to do some pruning/weeding and if it's time to Repot or Replant ourselves in richer earth.

This month features:

Family. As usual, the States celebrates the 4th of July - a funny time when you consider it's a celebration of independence, and Cancer (the sign of the country) relates to a more dependent vibe - close emotional ties, family, apple pie, property and Mommy Dearest.
Whatever the case, you get to review your past in your present - do you laugh like your Mom, scowl like your Dad? Treat people like crap like your brother or offer a helping hand without complaining like your sister? How do you want to be now? Whatever is going on in the family chain seems to locate you to remind you that you DO have a past...and it may be affecting your present condition or outlook - it's your choice of how.

Your Feelings. Current people and situations aren't the problem or the issue - it's how you FEEL about it all that matters. How can something or someone affect you so deeply? is it a trigger for one of your "issues"? Did this happen before? Root out your feelings on your own or with the help of an impartial observer. At the end of the day, no one can make you feel anything. Feelings are feelings - feel them, then move on to experience something else. Stop feeling-hogging!

Your Living Situation: comfy or cold? Squishy or squashed-in? Breathable or Breakable? Fix up the place (I bought a pillow today, and just realized how symbolic it is). Make food at home, house-sit, visit family, visit a close friend, invite someone over - if you are moving or just moved, arrange things to feed the 'new you' the new space will bring out. Wherever you live - you owe it to yourself to Live Like Royalty, right? It's not about $, it's about feeling what you WANT to feel, in the safe space of your own domain. Make home Home!

Your Place in the World. Where do you belong? A question you get to ask now. In this country? In this street? Do you belong in your body or are you fighting to get out of it, (by getting into your head or out of your mind?) Why can't you be okay Right Here Right Now? What are you running from? And what can you find where you are right now.
You Belong Here. Or you'd not be here at all. Simple.

Ask yourself periodically: How do I FEEL?
How do i want to feel?
Awesome - feel how you feel FIRST then do something, anything, to try on a new feeling. In time, feelings always shift, and instead of expecting life to shift in an instant to make us feel 'better', focusing on new scenery aids us in finding a new emotional 'space' in which to breathe and experience a new angle to our original problem.

It can truly be that simple. Baby steps. Momentary emotions.

Emotions = e + motions - energy in motion.
You get to decide where they go.

It's not something or someone we truly want, but the feelings they engender in us, or inspires us to ALLOW ourselves to feel, as we access their vibration. We CAN feel anything we choose, at any time, if we re-connected to our ability to move ourselves. Instead of waiting for or expecting something or someone outside of ourselves, to bring us the feeling we desire.
Your Feel-good/bad/indifferent/sad/joyous/depressed/ecstatic (they're all the same and all just as valid) Astrologer,

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