Thursday, July 31, 2008

Solar Eclipse & August Special for everyone

The Solar Eclipse in Leo tomorrow (Aug 1 ) EDT PDT
09:32 Leo 6:22 am 3:22 am
heralds another Chapter Change for us all - if we choose to ride with the changing tide, of course. Even if we try to pull against it, we automatically create a chapter-change for ourselves anyway - so this is something we can all expect.

What's this 'chapter change' all about you ask? Well, how big or small your change is, is really up to you - how much you want what you're truly in tune with, and how much you want what isn't right for you, (not in this lifetime anyway). Every choice we make around an Eclipse time sets us us for certain successes or failures in relation to our ego-desires (symbolized by the Sun).

We DO all have free-will of course, but we do set ourselves certain targets and time-zones in this lifetime at specific years and specific ages, to evolve and try our hands at something new - and this is what Astrology charts so beautifully - the potentials and possibilities and the ways to achieve those, and the things to sidestep.

So - the LEO SOLAR ECLIPSE is a time when we get to SHINE OUR LIGHT - or, if we've been hiding it, stuffing it away from prying eyes or a hungry public, or if we're neglecting to work on the creative parts of ourselves (the parts of Joy, Play, Childlike pleasure, Fun, Romance, Creative Juices) then the Solar Eclipse is THE time to work on it.

As the "Light" goes out - we get to see where it's missing in our lives, even for a moment. And then, when it comes back on, we get to re-new that area of our lives (represented by the HOUSE the Eclipse falls in, in your Birth Chart).

Solar Eclipses turn out the light
in key areas of our lives - to help us to
re-member & re-vitalize those parts
of us in need of re-awakening.

My specially dedicated Solar Eclipse Page explains more on this, and also lets you read a little on what it means for the Houses of the Chart (if you know yours or find out via my free tools).
Also I have specially rated Solar Eclipse Readings to help you get a handle on what this means for you specially. And where you can create dynamic changes for yourself (and expect them).

The main message is: Start Acting as though your life were rich in meaning and relevance and find a creative project to pour yourself into.


In August, readings are discounted for everyone!

Hour Readings are just $100 for everyone (normally $175 for newbies; $140 for clients on file). Readings must be scheduled in August. Ends Aug 31.

Reserve your Hour Reading here.

All I can say is - Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy! - En-ergize Joy in your Life.
Whether it's painting, singing, dancing, acting, playing an instrument, tickling, giggling, running, eating, washing the car, listening to music - find your joy and do it. And do it again. Find yourself in the moments when you're 100% alive.
Celebrating the relevance of YOUR life, Your Astrologer, Neil

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