Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Leo Solar Eclipse - Aug 1!

You may be feeling 'something' is in the air, and you'd be right.

Today, 20 minutes before a Reading, (thank you Kay for bearing with me!) my computer monitor began shaking, followed by everything else in the room. As you probably heard, we were experiencing an earthquake here in Los Angeles. Yee-Haa!

 These are common around Eclipse points, so keep an eye out for further reports. Things shake and shift around Eclipses - and we can roll with it or fight against it.

We're moving towards another 'Chapter Change' as I like to call them, or the possibility of one, if you let the energy of the Solar Eclipse do its stuff, and move with the shaken molecules these Eclipses seem to inspire towards events on earth.

Remember, Astrologically, nothing truly 'causes' anything, but everything reflects everything else. If you're born at a time of chaos, you reflect the chaos within your own energy imprints (simplistically speaking). The next two weeks reflect a time of social shifting and the choice to carve and create a new pathway ahead as the Heavens play host to a changing of the guard.

The next Solar Eclipse here on Planet Earth falls on Aug 1, so I wanted to drop you a quick line to remind you, that you'll get to experience your own possibilities of starting a new chapter in specific areas of your own life experience. I'll be back with more soon, stay tuned.

In Leo, this Eclipse affects the Lions strongly, but also keep an eye out for big changes in the fields of Presidents, Royalty, and those in the public eye (officials, Popes, celebrities etc). Traditionally Solar Eclipses bring the birth of something or someone important - but just as often portend the death of something or someone important - often a man (Solar Eclipses are traditionally more 'male' oriented), but I don't know where I stand on that, I guess we'll see!

The Chart for the Eclipse falls over Asia - China seems the likeliest places for Big Dramatic Developments along with parts of Russia. Again, only time will tell but the Eclipse is seen fully over there - and Astrology dictates these are areas mostly affected. I know China plays host to the Olympics, so the spotlight is already firmly on that area, this Eclipse can only bring even more floodlights to its shores.

If you want a launch something with power, the Eclipse is a mighty great day to do so. It gives everything you begin a POW! boost of energy. Like a shot of Cosmic Red Bull (or Red Lion would be more appropriate with the Leo Eclipse).

For now - look around and get ready for a few rumbles in your world as your creative forces begin to break through and unleash themselves - whether you repress them or express them (let's hope the latter!). Egos will explode, drama will reign and cosmic creativity will burst forth. 

And let's face it - we're all on the planet for a "good show" so stop pretending you don't like the shifts and shakes - you love it!

Enjoying the rumblings from the other side of your screen,
Your Astrologer,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us on track even if it is shaky. Marti

Anonymous said...

Your welcome Neil! Thanks for the exceptionally fantastic reading. You're so cool under pressure!Speaking of people of importance do you see any earth shaking (Ha Ha) events at the Denver Democratic convention Aug 25th-28th? Kay