Sunday, July 06, 2008

Read your own Astrology Chart!

In case you haven't found your way there yet, visit the Astrology 101 page to get a free copy of your birth chart - the blueprint of your entire life, with all its complexities, possibilities, options, avenues and a few surprises up its own sleeve just to make it all that much more exciting.

Then you can use the page to navigate through some Free Readings from Neil (audio) specific to you and Your Chart and some links to others facets of your Chart via the Free Tools link at the main menu.

It's my pleasure to put this all together for you, to make life easier, and for you to have some fun being your own Astrologer. That way, we can venture through the Chart together.

And as always, I'll be here to help ya when you need it! We have an upcoming pair of Eclipses in August, so stay tuned for more on those, and the Big Changes (yes there's more!) you can anticipate and expect and work with (not against) during these times. Exciting stuff.

I'm back to my Reading Schedule now after the move, so I look forward to checking in with you and seeing how you're moving through your own soul-cycles right now.

Your Tool-Touting Astrologer,

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