Friday, July 01, 2011

Cancer Solar Eclipse (Jul 1)

The Solar Eclipse at 10 Cancer today heralds a potential new beginning. When the Sun’s light temporarily goes out, it invokes a symbolic time when we can ring the changes in our lives and ‘start over’. In Cancer, we all have a chance to establish new habits.

Wherever the Eclipse falls in your own Birth Chart, you have an opportunity to see if you can let go of old emotional ‘pulls’ and establish a new foundation, a new secure place on which to build.

For example: in your 2nd house, new self esteem practices will provide a solid foundation for new earning potential. In your 9th house, new comfort zones help create a new sense of faith in life. In your 8th House, you get to embrace the intensity of your feelings and do away with any unhealthy attachments you still have sticking to you.

Get it?

For all of us, the Cancer Eclipse will rock our emotional world – our intimate connection to others. Expect shifts within your family for better or worse. Try and get comfy where you are and “make home” in all areas of your life. The more secure and comfortable you are, the more this period opens up and you can create some new, healthier, emotional habits for yourself.

With the Eclipse slap bang between Uranus in Aries (personal freedom issues) and Saturn in Libra (relationship legalities and commitment/rules of engagement issues), the Eclipse in Cancer brings us back to what we really need and where our hearts REALLY are.

Follow them to a new, healthier place. Don’t follow old feelings if they don’t feel good. It’s that simple. You can always reframe your present based on how you’re feeling right now. Opposing Pluto in Capricorn, the Eclipse says offload your baggage as you only have yourself to blame, if you’re suffering from something that happened to you in the past.

Use the next week period to begin something that “feeds” you. Anything else you’re hungering for that doesn’t ultimately satisfy you, try and release your attachment. You’ll leave energy for other things – things you truly need now.

If you feel a little emotionally shaky, unsure, confused, lost or unhappy - or you just want a check in to see how best to navigate the road ahead – you can always check in with me for a Personal Reading (or order a Report specific to you).

Enjoy your human feelings, but don’t take any of it too seriously – and don’t, I repeat, don’t, cling to your feelings (or any life situation) as though it WAS you. You’re bigger than this, and it’s all an illusion.

Choose the best feelings and proceed!


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