Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Libra

When the Moon shifts in Libra, we need to restore some sense of calm, after the nitpicking clear-up order-inducing Virgo Moon. Under the Cancer Sun, the Libra Moon seeks domestic calm - a spot of interior decorating perhaps. Candle, music, ambiance. Whatever that means to you.

Emotionally, we want to build bridges between the self and others. Cancer Season is always a sensitive time, because we're all dealing with some of the core issues and needs in our lives - namely, things from our past (yesterday, last year, childhood). So when the Moon moves into Libra, we want to smooth ruffled feathers, restore a sense of calm, find a common ground and - perhaps most importantly - creating a beautiful space in which to unfold these feelings.

Since Libra is the 4th sign from Cancer (ruling the domestic and family scene as well as our past and emotional foundations), the Moon here bodes well for creating a port in a storm. When in doubt, restore balance through beauty, calm through cooperation, comfort through compromise and love through reciprocity.

We all have needs, under this combo we have to give and take to make sure everyones are met.

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