Monday, July 18, 2011

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces

We need a release, after all the emotions of the month (during Cancer Season) come to a head and we're too 'full'. Something has to give.

We're urged to find emotional compassion for other's pain (let's face it, who ISN'T going through a trying time right now?) as well as our own human-suffering. be sensitive now, be a caring healer, transmuting negativity where you can, by ending it in your own life.

We're also urged to explore emotional release (crying for example). Often times under this combo, we have to simply accept or let go of major emotional 'stuff'.

Cancer Season is about our domestic situation, our past and our feelings. Under the Pisces Moon, we may try and run from how we feel (or any emotional situation that feels 'too much'). We're not meant to deny, avoid or repress our feelings now. We're ultimately seeking for redemption, completion, closure.

A bath, time to meditate, a nap, some creative daydreaming, more sleep and some nurturing soothing energy is what we really crave now. Go gentle. Let yourself feel - and follow each feeling to its ultimate destination, when it dissolves back into the Whole. Thank it for its lesson, its gift and let it go.

Emotions remember aren't meant to be held onto. They are in motion. So don't hold on. Feel them, let them go and you'll find they let YOU go in return...

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