Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sun in Leo, Moon in Taurus

The Sun in Leo brings a month of Finding our Joy in various ways. Leo relates to creativity, that life force that moves through us that creates the desire for children (creating extensions of ourselves) or the desire to further ourselves in some way with something that is OF us - a creative project for example. Or romantically expressing our feelings.

Putting our egos on the line is essential - we may fail, but we'll have fun just Trying. This month, risk your happiness by trying to be more, create more.

Under the Taurus Moon, we always need comfort, we crave the riches of the world (from a hug, to great sex or dessert, from money in the bank to the feel of nice fabric on our bodies). Leo is quality of course - 5-star all the way (it's the sign of Royalty and Celebrity) so add Taurus energy and you have the makings of gourmet treats, luxurious pampering, egotistical unyielding attitudes or dramas (if we're going too far) and enjoying all that life has to offer (from spectacular sunsets to quiet nights by the fire).

Seek beauty and you'll find the riches you desire.

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