Monday, July 25, 2011

Sun in Leo, Moon in Gemini

Under the Leo Sun, everything is seen through the filter of love and creativity. We're either bright and beaming or a black hole - everything is more dramatic. Under the Gemini Moon we need to find new thoughts that enhance our love and creativity. We can use beautiful words, express how we feel, and choose thoughts that empower us, strengthening our ability to shine and thereby enhancing how bright our light is.

We need to be able to explore new ways to create - like writers seeking the right words, we now get to try out new possibilities, trying on new ideas and feeling (Moon) our way to new thought (Gemini) that will lift our hearts (Leo).

The best of this combo, is finding and expressing our power through the words we use inside (self-speak) and outside (communication with the world around us). We can add to life's Joy through our words and thoughts, or we can add to potential drama. The choice is ours.

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