Monday, July 04, 2011

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Virgo

Since Virgo Moons give us a craving for some sort of order, we often find ourselves cleaning (Virgo) our homes (Cancer) at this time. Virgo can be critical and nitpicking, and with Cancer connected to emotions, it could be a trying time if we're not kind (as we begin finding fault with how we feel or how another feels). Still, this may be good if there are past issues (or buried emotions) that need digging and cleaning up also.

Seeking simple (Virgo) comforts (Cancer) may be the best way to go. Or helping another (Virgo) who needs nurturing (Cancer) or helping another to find comfort.

Virgo needs a routine, a structure, to improve upon something so life isn't acceptable 'as-is'. Cancer is a traditional sign that deals with the basic feeling function within us humans, without judgment or discernment. But we can have the best of both worlds if we analyze (Virgo) how we feel (Cancer) or look for a way to heal or mend hurt hearts and to ultimately find a way to feel (Cancer) better (Virgo).

The best use of this combination is to bring everything back to basics and enjoy the simplicity of life.

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