Saturday, July 02, 2011

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Leo

Things always get more dramatic under Leo Moons. Which bodes well for parties, celebrations and creative pursuits (and less well but still equally as potent for causing scenes!

Emotions (Cancer) now become bigger (Leo). We take things more personally, which again is great when we're investing our feelings into creative self-expression and having fun, but more problematic when we begin letting our ego (Leo) get in the way.

The best we can achieve now is a certain pride in caring (opening our hearts wide), enjoying ourselves while being sure to nurture others.

Emotions are contagious, this we realize under this combo. When you're happy, it spreads like wildfire (Leo is a fire sign, after all). When we're down, we suck the life out of the room.

So be aware of the size of your feeling and its appropriate expression. Live big, celebrate your human existence. Boost another up (with a compliment even), and in return you'll feel amazing.

It's in how we make others feel, that is the true gift of this combo.

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jOen said...

thanks for this post Mr.Neil.! i'm currently in healing period now.. and this helps a lot.! by stating the true gift of being a Canc Sun,Leo moon,. i thought this would just be a pathetic drama queen, over sensitive and proud but.. hmmf.. i got my own karma now and i was brought here.. thank u.. thank you again very much..! Bless you..!