Monday, July 24, 2006

Ready to release?

New Moons are always times of new beginnings. As you've read in the previous post - the Leo New Moon is about shining from our creative centre and being who we are.

This New Moon has an important theme I wanted to leave for a separate post - the Sun and Moon in Leo on July 25 are opposed by Chiron in Aquarius.

Chiron in legend was the 'wounded healer' and represents the BUTTONS we still carry, from old tapes we play over, broken records from this and other lifetimes. The touchy comment about our weight sets us off. The mention we're like our mothers drives us up the wall. We react violently when told what to do.

The possibilities are as endless as humans walking this Earth, but the theme this week remains the same:

If you're apportioning blame anywhere, you're in denial, and your wounds cannot heal.

PROJECTION is big this week - planets in opposition to the Sun and Moon suggest traits we like to thrust onto someone else, we don't want to deal with them.

Leaders, Monarchy and those in positions of governance will no doubt continue their need to find an enemy. Woe-betide anyone looking at themselves and realizing they are slaughtering countless innocents. Isn't it best to maintain our jewels and thrones instead of helping to correct injustices?

Actually - at this point in the drama on Earth, there's not much anyone can do except purifying themselves on the personal level - because THIS is what is helping the bigger picture day by day.

This week, with Chiron activated, we're going to see those things about other people we cannot BEAR - but are we going to see it's us, being reflected back. Everywhere we go this week it's a MIRROR - we'll see ourselves in our fullest glory.

We can either hate the 'bad' parts and then blame others for having the same traits, or we can stop and realize it's who we are, and we can choose not to feed the fires of that personality trait again.

Leo is a fire sign - and Chiron in Aquarius (an air sign) shows us that our wounds now are mostly mental - we're mentally sick, and it's what's in our heads that is causing our hearts (Leo) so much pain.

No one is really doing anything bad anymore - it's our reactions to it that counts now. We're playing out old dramas again and again in hopes we can finally get rid of them.

Look around yourself this week and see what conflicts are being created, experienced, attracted and played out in your own life and in the lives of those you know.

You have a choice to step in and fight, or you can stand on the outside and offer a safe haven, if people choose to stop pointing the finger of blame and can put down their weapons.
Some dramas will have to play out - there's no other way for them to be healed other than by being exhausted. So we'll see a lot of tired people.

Leo is meant to shine so it's a sad part of this New Moon to see the clouds, but in reality, we can then dispel that which stands in the way of our truest light - our own inability and disgust with ourselves.

In many ways, I'd say this new moon is about Befriending Ourselves again.

Forgiveness plays a big part now - can you forgive yourself for the things you have done, said, heard, experienced, ignored?

Healing is much needed now - indulging people in their wounds and repetitive dramas does nothing for anyone. Standing your ground and maintaining your centre (Leo) is essential during these turbulent times. And remember - loess nature is to SHINE, to have fun, to create.

If you get too serious, heavy or depressed - make something. Draw something. Wear something fun. Dress up. Be silly. Watch a comedy. Hang out with children. Find someone who always reminds you of being innocent and childlike. Smile.

We have two choices this week: to nurse our wounds and hold others hostage for hurting us. Or...We can realize we're in the cosmic throes of Planetary Detox - and keep moving through the things that are released.

It's a pretty clear-cut solution. We don't need to stand for being abused, but we do need to remember to allow a play of shadow across our reality-screens now, and know we - somewhere - had a part in creating that pain - and then to focus MORE of our energy and attention on healing it - by allowing, then moving in the direction we would rather be headed in.

Energy at the new Moon awaits our direction - are we going to use it to make others feel shamed or are we going to create a new possibility, and a much more exciting avenue.

We are Gods in Amnesia, someone once said. And we're waking up, with an almighty frigging headache.

Instead of grumbling, concoct your own healing solution...and drink up!

Neil :)


Doreen said...

I like this as a companion piece to "Why So Much Turmoil in the World?"

Both relate to taking responsibility for one's own pain and healing and not blaming others. Thanks.


Jason Sechrest said...

LOL... you don't say! :-P