Monday, July 03, 2006

NASA and their love of Mercury Retrograde

Nasa do so loves to launch shuttles under Mercury Retrograde.

Tthe launch of the ill-fated Columbia, two and a half years ago is one to remember. Shuttle Discovery launched on July 26, 2005 @ 10:39AM EDT, Cape Canaveral, FL - a similar malfunction occurred -- a piece of foam broke off. Fortunately, it appears the spacecraft was not damaged and the shuttle kept its appointment.

Now Jul 1 we were told to expect a launch of Discovery but it was delayed and rescheduled (perfectly Mercury Retrograde) until...July 4 - the day Mercury officially does an about-turn.

Since Mercury rules travel, retrograde periods arent that great for launching things - however if this is a re-discovery phase, going back to visit something, then this should go off without a hitch.

However, it's too tricky to predict the outcome - a major disaster on Jul 4 with the shuttle would destroy the national image further, shattering the already fragile energy here and on Jul 4 such a smack in the face of freedom and american values. Perhaps the launch will be delayed again and again, aborted indefinitely, gets lost, or doesn't find what it was seeking. Glitches are sure to litter its path - do we have all the facts?

It's funny how when we start things under retrograde it usually continues or faces major shifts at subsequent Retrogrades - as the Bush presidential election was won under Mer Retro i'm sure again there'll be more political ripples as old stuff comes back to hit the fan.

As we wing our way towards a 3 week period of reversals, questions and quandries - remember to take that time out and catch up on being with yourself and letting your own life catch up with you.


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