Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Mutual Reception of Uranus-Neptune

"Mutual Reception" occurs when two planets “trade signs”; the planetary rulers of two zodiac signs are in each other’s signs.

It's like the landlord of your house coming to my house, and my landlord managing your house.
It's a joint alliance, a co-operation and a sharing of energies - as the two borrow new tools to take back to their home base.

Right now we have two planets in Mutual Reception:

Neptune rules Pisces

Uranus rules Aquarius

So what happens when, as it is now, Neptune is in Aquarius instead and Uranus is in Pisces instead?

The two link up. Here's a very current example of what this mean - a friend back home in England (Sunderland, Washington) sent me news that Washington, DC is linking up with its sister city - the original 'Washington' in England. This is how Mutual Reception works - both borrow something from each other. Each planetary ruler (landlord) switches signs (homes).

Look at the prolifieration of tv shows (TV relates to Uranus, Neptune relates to fiction, escapism) that deal with this now. We have the Wife Swap, Mother Swap, where families get to have a different mother/wife from another family staying with them, changing the rules and seeing 'how the other side lives'.

Uranus is the Wake Up Call and Neptune lulls us to sleep - which is interesting since one of the most popular drinks around right now is taking Red Bull (uranus wake up) with alcohol (Neptune take-down). Some say it's a stress on the heart (I'm sure it is) but the effects are the same as the Mutual Reception - two energies wrapped up, inserparable and working through each other.

Uranus the electrifier is like a snaped pilon cable falling into the ocean. Electricity moves through Pisces fields. We'll get to this in a bit.

And likewise, Neptune the mystic is like a shapeshifter and psychic moving through Aquarian fields - broadcast media, technology and humanity at large.

Some of the results are:

More online communities (Uranus humanity) where people can share music, style, ideas and psychic energy (MySpace, Friendster etc)
A worldwide desire to take up Yoga and more spiritual disciplines (Kabbalah made popular by Madonna and co)
More computerized Astrology information, Reports, Readings (technology/spirituality link)
Movies (Neptune) becoming laden with newe special-effects (Neptune)
News that addiction could be a chemical issue in the brain.
Addiction (neptune) to the internet (Uranus) computer games (Uranus) cell phones (Uranus)
News on the effects of radiation (Uranus) on our body chemistry (Neptune)
Using the media (Uranus) to deceive (Neptune)
Crazy new footwear on sale (Neptune rules pisces, the sign connected to the feet and Uranus is invention, eccentricity)
Comic books turned into films (neptune inspired fantasy and new forms of media)
Music and new Ring tones (Neptune) now on cell phones (Uranus)
New movies (Uranus) about Neptune magic, energy, powers (Harry Potter, X-Men)

The Uranus-Neptune mutual reception is a current phenomenon which will last until 2011. Uranus is in Neptune's sign of Pisces and Neptune is in Uranus's sign of Aquarius. A mutual reception is an easy exchange of energies, intensifying each planet's influences.

Uranus the sky god is freedom, sudden change, invention, and rebellion. Neptune the sea god is illusion, expansion of consciousness, merging, and spirituality. The mutual reception of these two outer planets helps them to combine and focus these energies.

Earlier we said Uranus in Pisces is electricity in water. Look at the sudden (Uranus) news stories involving Water. And with Neptune (spirituality) in Aquarius (TV) look at the number of shows now dealing with ghosts, spirituality, seances, tarot and so forth.

On a global level we're taking the freedom of Uranus and placing it in the sign of cosmic connectiveness - so computers are beginning to link us up for a purpose. Could there have been a major agenda behind technology to held us all unite for a common goal? And as we take the spiritual understanding of Neptune and place it in Aquarius, there is a growing energy now and people are beginning to wake up.

The two energies of Neptune and Uranus in Mutual Reception is finally bringing home the ultimate truth that as the family of humans on the planet, we are all connected and what happens to "them", ultimately befalls "us" - as each link in the chain is affected.

What are you broadcasting? Messages through your behavior, that suggest you're plugged in and connected - or are we using technology to disconnect from each other?

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Mars88 said...

This was very good. But I would like to add that Pluto has also been playing a very important role now in the "Humanity Drama". Remember back in 1995 when both Pluto and Uranus were entering "Party-time Sag"? That's when the "Technology/"Financial" and Internet Booms really took off. Now Pluto has crept into staid old and frugal Capricorn and the whole world financial system is done and about face. Frugality is now the new catch word. And it happened just like that.