Sunday, July 09, 2006

LIfe: A Work in Progress: Capricorn Full Moon July 10

The Full Moon on July 10 falls at 18 Degrees Capricorn.

This Full Moon is a serious one, but all Great Works are serious - from the creation of a painting, the writing of the greatest love song, commitment, dedication and discipline are called for.

Capricorn is the sign of Great Works, of Climbing to the Summit, of achievement.

What we focus on with this great discipline ultimately becomes our Great Work - the work that becomes our 'destiny', after all most of us would like to turn our grand passions into our life career, or vocation. In Astrology our 'job' relates to Virgo and the 6th House but our Career relates to Capricorn and the 10th House - it is the pinnacle, the place we want to reach, the ulimtate crowing glory.

This Full Moon focuses on our Great Work, that one thing we want to achieve above all else. Perhaps it's as simple as a promotion, or as complex as eradicating anger from our energy field and finding inner peace.

Full Moons highlight something - they bring 'something to light' as the Moon is at its brightest. She is our unconscious, our emotions and their eternal ebb and flow, and each Full Moon we discover a new layer of feeling.

This one is more serious than the others - we get to see just where we are in our own hierachy - our place in the spiritual chain of command - at the mercy of others and their feelings, or in control of what we focus on and how we give our emotional reactions.

So what is about to be revealed in your life?

Wherever the Full Moon falls (whichever House in your personal Chart) is where you'll find a revelation, an outpouring of emotion. Something will complete itself or ask for resolution, someting will arise and make you conscious of your unconscious motivations and REAL feelings on a matter.

In your 5th House, you may realize you don't LOVE (5th house of pleasure) something or someone anymore. In your 8th House you may realize you need more sexual chemistry (8th house is sexual energies). It's not as clear cut and black or white but this is how Astrology principles are built up. For each sign it's a different focus and on Tuesday of this week you'll get to read more on what is ending on your life and what is being revealed (if you didn't already know) at the Forecasts on the website so I'll post these on the blog on Tuesday...stay tuned.

On a global scale - parents and governments and the 'powers that be' will reveal something and we'll see the emotional holes in their own armour. Here are some ideas on how to handle this energy:

Use this Capricorn Full Moon to:

  • Change your relationship to authority - are you rebeling and fighting against an outside authority or is your 'inner parent' judging you too sternly?
  • See if there is karma to work out with your father or a dictator-mother?
  • Ask yourself if work is eating away at your personal life?
  • Give up pursuing life choices that are leading you nowhere.
  • Let go of old traditions that no longer serve your new mature self.
  • Release attachment to being in control, on time and in the driving seat.
  • Work on depression issues - why are you so heavy?
  • Realize life is too short to get stuck in the muck for too long.
  • Climb the ladder instead of moaning about your current place.
  • Go hiking
  • Take on a tough project
  • Discipline yourself (or less if you're overdoing it),
  • Give yourself credit where its due,
  • Be a better boss
  • Be nicer/more honest to your Boss
  • Release workaholic tendencies!

With so much heavy energy around already - we must remember that although we are meant to mature, we are still needy children at heart but that we can and must fend for ourselves while looking after others too. First comes our needs and then we can take care of others.

This Full Moon: Give from your excesses not your reserves.

If you don't follow this, you'll be depleted. Are you helping the planet and discontinuing polluted thoughts and energies or are you succombing to the war-mongering, sadness and Fear that is prevalent in these times.

So - under such a strict Full Moon that may get us heavy at times, we can actually LAUGH IT OFF when we remember that Capricorn is also related to PAN, the God of Good Times, the purveyor of humor, enjoyment and merriment.


War, death, famine, disease, work-stress, job-hatred, disconnection, separation - it's all an ilusion and these are the symptoms of buying into this whole Earth Plane Reality.

Wake up!

This Full Moon look at your obstacle and source of pain and realize this -it's only as serious as you give it weight. It's only as difficult as you allow it to be.

Persepctive is everything. Can we finally give up the old age energies of distorted truth, sadness pain, mistery all borne of FEAR - managed chaos and manipulated crises are ahead of us in many forms - but will we see through them and continue building our own realities where we see everything connected and realize we have a choice?

I have faith that our next Great Work will be to see just how stupid we've been fighting each other - because in a world where we are all connected, and all One, we are ultimately only fighting ourselves and ultimately we are our obstacles.

What an ironic joke, eh?


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