Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cancer returns, reappearances

Cancerian Princess Di has reappeared during Mercury's backtracking through the sign of Cancer - as media digs up old pictures of her, this time causing a public outrage at the medias distaste in using shots of such a nature.

I've heard from two Gemini's (ruled by Mercury) who have had to go back and do many things over, losing paperwork, having to return phone calls again and again, cell phone breakdowns and so forth.

In my own life, I was asked to read for a Disney DVD (voice over - an industry ruled by Mercury). It turns out all the tapes they sent to Disney were returned because they were seeking something different. How typical.

COnversations about family seem to be everywhere now - as are talks about our home spaces and comfort zones. Are you feeling sensitive, more homester/nesty? If so, it's just Mercury reminding you of your own interior, a place that should always be comfortable because it's the home we carry with us our entire lifes.


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