Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mercury Stationary Direct - July 28 - Aug 12

You know, I'm actually going to miss Mercury Retrograde. This year, at this time, I truly got to see, feel and understand what it is all about and the best ways to use the period instead of feeling used by it.

This past few weeks here's a recap on events in my own life:

Disney rejected a truckload of voice-over auditions for a new DVD of theirs coming out. I was then called by a company who wanted me to audition. I was subsequently given the job, but the turned it down when the contract wasn't what I thought it should be.

My calendar I noticed a few days ago was misprinted, throwing the last week of July into chaos - I had to marker the dates with the actual ones so I didn't go stir-crazy. The rest of the calendar was fine - but somehow, the printers seemed to know when Mercury was retrograde well before the fact.

My partner's Mercury Retro fell in their 7th House (Partner) and I ended up losing my keys which were later found, and we ended up in a few confrontations on old, rehashed issues. Finally, this week we found a resolution as the New Moon then fell in their 7th. I notice it's comon to plan a role in someone else's karmic lessons with transits to their 7th houses.

My partner was on a bus which took a wrong turn and ended up going the completely wrong direction. The bus driver somehow knew he made an error but tried to cover it over, as passengers were pulling the bell to get off, confused.

And finally, on my partner's side, their headshots are still not mailed out since the Post Office lines were crazy long. Perhaps tomorrow when Mercury finally goes Direct I think.

I received emails and tried to connect with several friends from the past. One chose not to call me to change a plan we had for 8pm one evening which frustrated me, then I rememeber which period we were in. As Mercury retro'd through my 8th house (sexual energy, transformation, joint finance) my partner and I discussed shared money, bills, and also I have reevaluated my sexual energy looking into meditation more which I began this week.

I have re-read numerous books and studied some old techniques to refresh my memory in my Astrological studies (as Mercury was transiting my 9th house of knowledge).

I have actually given myself a time-out. My partner told me someone locked the keys in the bathroom at Starbucks the other day, and someone else had their laptop stolen.

The mental time out I chose has given me a chance to step back from social events, from scheduling work and generally I have caught up on editing my writings, spellchecking etc. I have re-arranged the furniture at home to make things more comfy, efficient and cooler.

All in all I have begun to enjoy mercury retrograde a lot more than I used to. it was much needed.

Now.....back to the order of the day. Mercury is about to switch direction. Tomorrow, Jul 8 he goes Stationary Direct about to turn back, and then he does so but doesn't get out of the Retro Zone (the place it was before it turned retro) until Aug 12, so give it some time to get things back on track. Catch up on the loose ends and make a plan on what you'll do when he continues his trek after Aug 12.

I hope you enjoyed this Retrograde period. We're back for another one on Oct 28 (my partner's birthday!) so I'll be embracing this one with more gratitude than ever before.

As it happens, my Solar Return this year (mar 12) contained Mercury Retrograde in the Solar Return Chart for the entire year in the 7th House. I have re-evaluated my relationship (7th) to numerous things - my work, my friends, my partner (the give/take and the contracts we have together) my space, even to Mercury Retro itself!

I'll let you all know how it'll affect my partner's chart later this year. But for now, enjoy Mercury's final stage of his retrograde journey.

Look back, smile and then continue onwards.


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Jason Sechrest said...

I love when you add personal information about how the period affected your own life. Please do so more often.