Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More Mercury Madness!

A power blackout here in LA has delayed hundreds of flights, after a vehicle reportedly hit a nearby power pole, possibly causing the facility to lose power.

Though a backup generator eventually kicked in, the mishap grounded virtually all flights in and out of Southern California's airports. Some flights were diverted to other airports, while passengers at Los Angeles International, John Wayne, Bob Hope and Ontario International airports spent the evening waiting for flights to be rescheduled.

Pilots in the air lost radar contact because of the blackout and relied on radio communications with outlying airports to stay on course. Officials said that all airplanes have preset flight paths that they follow in the event of a radar malfunction and that there was no sign of problems.

Sally O'Neal, 32, of Salt Lake City was reported in a LA Times interviewing giving what most Astrologers would have told her (and everyone else) is sane Mercury Retrograde advice:

"I've learned my lesson: Be prepared, no matter what."

Since Mercury rules communication and travel - this article highlights yet again having a Plan B, re-reouting and the problems caused by our heavy reliable on technology.

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Doreen said...

More Mercury madness: a jet taking off at O'Hare on Sunday narrowly missed a 747 that had just landed.
Two other incursions happened at O'Hare in March, one while Mercury was retrograde, the other just a couple of days after Mercury had stationed direct, which can also be a confusing period.