Saturday, October 18, 2008

Glasses or contact wearers: Using Pinholes Glasses instead!

Just a personal note for those of you who use contact lenses or prescription glasses.

As you may already know, I'm a firm believer in giving more 'natural' methods a shot.
I have been regularly getting more sun for my eyes, using some of the Bates method (you can research this) relaxing my vision, palming etc. And spending more time where I can without my contact lenses.

I currently have a pair of PINHOLE GLASSES which work really well. They immediately improve your vision, whether near of farsighted. I can now read the computer screen and far away without contacts. As well as the TV. it works the same in reverse. No prescription needed.

Pretty great stuff - as they allow you to wean yourself off your glasses and continually stronger prescriptions. Computer users: they soothe your eyes with prolonger computer use. Yay!

Give them a shot, you should be able to find a pair online for around $20 or less or at your local health store. They can help you to relax your eyes, strengthen those muscles again (the ones weakened by continued crutches like glasses or contacts) and see if you notice improvement also.
Armed with these and some regular eye exercises, it's worth the minor effort (15 mins a day!).

Just thought I'd pass it along to those who may want to try this approach to healing their eyes naturally. (plus its a major money saver).


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Anonymous said...

I have been wondering if the glasses really work and have been thinkig of trying them. Now I will!Thanks for the update. It is important to alot of us. Thanks.
Love your website.