Saturday, October 04, 2008

REPOST: Things get Shady: Mars enters Scorpio (Oct 3/4)

How about a re-trograde re-post? (since it seems the layout was unreadable!)> Here you all go:

Feel the season shift?

The cycles of soul experience have moved into darker territory. With the onset of Halloween, and the decay of Nature, we enter a down cycle where things wrap up, crumble, fall, ready to become rich fertile nutrients to feed new future hopes and dreams. What goes up, must come down. What is born, must die. And what dies, continues on, like the seeds and leaves that fall from trees now, to feed the earth and the seeds that will emerge by the Aries Springtime.

How does this affect you and I?

Things get shady. Literally. The days darken. Our moods darken. We enter the Underworld - either with a brush with "Death" (literal or symbolic) or we wind up visiting some personal "Hades" in order the transform ourselves and move beyond our fears and inhibitions. Shadows grow around us, reminding us of our inherent human fragility, 'thin-skin' and the need for some form of withdrawal and protection.

Halloween comes, but before then, we get to strip away our mask. Some of us may be ready to "kill off" parts of ourselves and our lives. A relationship that no longer serves both people as individuals, a job that confines creativity, a city that no longer feels like home. Something will go, and Mars (our energetic focal point) in Scorpio (destroy to rebuild and rebirth) will aid in our quest to recycle, regrow, let go and prepare for a new life.

Whatever it is that's manifesting for you now - we face our Dark Sides, our 'criminal content' (internally) and society's more taboo aspects (externally). Our Shadow - the part of us we deny being (hateful, jealous, clingy, selfish etc) rises up for one more reminder that we ARE these things, or rather that we SOMETIMES can express these things, but that we are not our emotions, and we cannot be defined by even behavior or feeling. To be whole, we need to accept all levels of ourselves and our potential. Within us all lies the biggest illusion of all - the 'monster' of love-less lack.

Venture within. Go down to the depths. Crack the code. Use pain to find the Light again. Move from what ails you to what enables you to glow brighter. Use the Darkness to rest and realign yourself with your quiet inner voice. Accept darker moods. Investigate. Recuperate. Recycle. Reinvent.

And if in doubt, as always during a Scorpio Passage, Let It Go (for now)....

Your Darker Depths Driver, Neil

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