Saturday, October 25, 2008

Helping your Healing: Chiron Direct (Oct 25)

Since May 25, Chiron has been moving retrograde, triggering our old patterns, issues, soft-spots and sensitive areas, tol remind us of where we perceive ourselves to be less than whole. it's an illusion of course, but one area where we DO keep ourselves back by not letting ourselves 'heal' from trauma, is located where Chiron is found in our Astrological Birth Chart.

Where is yours?  Look for this symbol above (get your free chart from me at the Free Tools link at the site). 

Today, Chiron moves Direct again, and we get to take all we have learned about our soft-spots and actively do something about it. We get to show ourselves and others just WHERE we have grown up, and grown away from our past stresses, traumas and pain.

Pain stays with us - it should, as it carves channels into our life, like lines on a palm, and helps us to be the compassionate creators we are. We can then help others in the very same areas.

Chiron collectively is in Aquarius, showing us where society is not working as a whole. To be a true humanitarian (human-itarian) is to now focus on how we can move BEYOND our own hurts, and begin showing others the way to doing it to - by being a walking, talking example.

If you hurt, have been hurting - you have a choice now. To walk with it and continue on, and in doing so let it go, as part of your history and not part of your present, or to harbor ill feeling towards yourself and others for it happening. 

One leads to freedom and healing, the other leads to further reflections of the pain, in order that we re-live it until we get bored and then choose the other path of moving on. 

You're already whole. You're already healed. You're fine. 
It's time to allow that...

Your Healing Helper,

P.S My Chiron is conjunct Venus (love, partnership) and South Node (past lives, inherited gifts or traps) so I know all about it, so feel free to ask for help from this end when you need it. Together we can embrace your abilities as a Healer and Teacher within your own Life Story.

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October Crow said...

Chiron has been transiting my venus, too, and is stationed right on my sun! I'm not even really sure how I've been affected by it all... but I'm sure something is going on. Maybe I'll see it better when Chiron moves on...