Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Freeing ourselves:: Sun in Scorpio, Venus in Sagittarius

Two bulletins for you: we just entered Scorpio Season today (the Sun now shines in the sign of Scorpio for an entire month) (happy Birthday Scorpios, be sure to check out the Scorpio links) bringing our awareness to those places where we need a deep transformation and to recycle old energies in preparation for something fresh and new. Clear up your space and your life, by letting go of stuff you've accumulated - feelings and things. 

We go within, become a little more withdrawn, and "power-up" for winter, by storing energy, taking out the trash, and protecting what we have so that it can strengthen and grow - and the parts of our lives that no longer work, we get to heal, or cast aside. All or nothing.

Venus just moved into Sagittarius recently also - and the themes within our relationships switch gears. No longer are we swimming in such deep, dark, and potentially dangerous waters (for our egos anyway that want anything but to sink) as Venus was in Scorpio (hands up how many of us have touched the depths and soared to the heights lately, in relationships?)...but now in Sagittarius relationships become:

* more an adventure as we see Life as a Journey and our partner as a Traveling Companion
* road trips, quests for a new goal, to find the truth or just to see the sights
* all about Honesty - sharing our real feelings and not worrying about the consequences
* more space-oriented - we're good together, but we're equally good doing our own thing
* about sharing information, learning and growing together as we both play Teacher & Student
* changeable - nothing is set in stone, we can try and do anything. It's all about risk-taking.

Whoever you're with, or want to be with, keep it fun, keep it light, and don't be afraid of a little straight-to-the-bull's-eye honesty. We can all handle it now. Enjoy learning - take someone to a class or bookstore, read up on your Astrological Compatibility (the new Cosmic Couple Report has already begun helping many couples to understand their soul contracts). Listen to your free audio clips on your signs. See what the other needs and wants.

Remember, that space is just as important in any connection. So is Adventure. If you've stopped learning, discovering and growing together, you'll part so that these 3 key things continue.

hit the horizon and take someone special along, even if it's just yourself! And since we're now in Scorpio Season, don't be afraid to linger in the shadows, face a fear and bring it back into the Light of awareness, so you regain your power.  Venturing into your Soul's Past (forgiving past pain and moving on is essential now - the new Karmic Insight and Past Life Report Package can aid you in untangling from stuff that's happened to you on your Soul's Journey).

Your Astral Adventurer,

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Anonymous said...

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