Friday, October 10, 2008

Retrograde Error - Wrong Report (but you can have it!)

And in true Mercury Retrograde fashion I made an error - the Full Natal Report is NOT the special currently, it was last month, but you can still have it, since it was my boo-boo!

The current special is the Solar Return and Year Ahead Report for $50 (ends Oct 15).

You can find out more about your year ahead with two full reports that cover your birthday this year until your birthday 2009 or beyond. Your choice. The Reports will help you dive into a full 12 months and all its possibilities. Stay focused!

You can see what the entire package offers you here.

And, since I made an error, you can STILL pick up the Full Natal Report at the special rate (and yes you can tell your friends if you're sneaky!) if you use this link and enter $60. But it's only available here, as the Report is the usual price of $75 at the site.

Full Natal Report at the error price:
Code: Full Natal.

Mercury Madness!

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