Saturday, October 25, 2008

Planning an Event? Use Astrology to Launch!

Everything has a Chart.

You can determine the best date to launch a project, get married, go on a date, make a presentation and more.

Timing is everything.

We can use Astrology together to Chart the best times for the specific intention you have in mind, outlining the time-frames that coincide with the themes you'd like to 'get the ball rolling' under.

Each time we "birth" something, we create a Chart for that Moment. And that Chart's Moment, reveals a lot about the life-force, life-line and potentials of the entire endeavor.

You can find out more, or order an Event Planning Reading here.

I've helped numerous couples choose the best dates for their relationship according to what energies they want to bring into their union (exciting, action-packed partnerships, or steady, structured ones, peaceful home-oriented or gypsy-traveling themes, the choices are limitless).

So whether it's a business plan, a personal project or secret hope or wish, we can set it off and give it a great start - the rest of course is up to you, and how you navigate the unfolding cycles.

Together we can map out the cycles of your Launch Date down the line.

Your Celestial Success-Stoker,

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