Thursday, October 16, 2008

New! Cosmic Couple Relationship Report

Available October 2008!

I'm excited to now offer the Cosmic Couple Astrology Report, one you won't find anywhere else.

If you're in a relationship, contract, relationship, union or partnership with someone, anyone, this Report is for you. Read on!

Congratulations on taking one of the most important Journeys of your Life: Opening up to intimacy, and all that it offers, closeness, a shared connection. May this Friendship, Relationship or Partnership bring you close together and ultimately, to a greater sense of intimacy with your own Spirit.

Linda Goodman saw Synastry as a very exciting tool in helping others to understand their relationships. If you have what she termed 'Soul-mate' connections, these too shall be highlighted, using some of Linda's own ideas and themes that she passed on to us. Soul-mates come in different guises, not just the usual romantic ones we see in movies. Look around you, it's very likely that someone in your life right now, is someone you have shared countless lives with before. And perhaps, there is still friction between you. Strong connections (for good or bad) are hard to break. Magnetic attraction is powerful.

I have compiled this Report personally, these aspects were the ones discovered for You and the special person you requested a compatibility Report with. Linda herself had a hand in this, with her special thoughts and wishes too, that I hope you enjoy. Relationships are never 50-50. They involve two people living 100% as themselves, but allowing for a new and third energy, a bridge between worlds as it were, when the two unite.

Enjoy this new Report, I recently ran one for me and a special 'other' and was blown away by things we'd personally chatted about only weeks ago. I love being surprised, even 15+ years into my Astrological Adventures. I hope you are too!

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