Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Poetry

For those of you interested, I added more poetry my other Blog, Poem From a Pisces.
Inspired by recent events, memories, thoughts, circumstances, people and places that all come together in my colorful mind, and spill out onto the paper in the stream of consciousness you'll find there.

I believe poetry is simply writing from the heart.

So you'll find a piece of my own there, and I hope it touches yours.
(I'm sure in such a relationship-oriented "theme" right now that we're all living under, everyone will relate in their own way). More to come as always...

Your Poetically-Partial Pisces,


Anonymous said...

With Britney Spears traveling Saturn comes to hit on her Mars, could she be getting married next year? (This happening in the twelfth house). Traditional astrologers might say she is going to be hospitalized? But traveling Jupiter will be running through her fifth house of children, so maybe 3rd child for Britney? Traveling Venus entering her eleventh house and representing her third marriage, she might think that this is a love match?

Neil D Paris said...

from poetry to Britney, how did we get there?!i love this blog!

Saturn on her Mars - it depends which house Mars rules. But we can say, she has a test of how she applies herself and expresses her anger. In the 12th she may decide to take up more metaphysical avenues or bring this into her work, as she goes inside for answers.

Jupiter in her 5th could easily be prolific creative projects as it could be another child (or contact with children).

venus entering her 11th can be as simple as a lot of social events and invites, without the need for any dramatic marriage news.

We all have various ways we can manifest the planetary cycles, so time will tell, but it seems like a chance to be even more creative, and to shed a lot of old baggage at the same time. if she is willing. Exciting stuff.