Friday, October 10, 2008

Your Full Natal Report: Just $60

Just a reminder for those who newly joined the Blog (and for those who haven't perused the site lately) that the Full 80+ page in-depth Natal Report is currently on special, at $60! (normally $75).

It's the most popular report, compiled by me personally and already many of you have found it a rich treasure-trove of info into your inner world, secret psyche and a sort of 'dishing the dirt' on yourself (along with a host of things to pat yourself on the back for!). Really glad you're enjoying it. I am proud of the Full Natal Report and very happy to be able to offer it to you as a special right now.

Offer ends Oct 15 so order now before you forget (mercury is still retrograde!) You can read up on ALL the info you'll receive at the link above.


Your Celestial Specialist,

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