Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stalemate or Stale Mate? Venus opposes Pluto

June 17 and June 18 play host to an intense planetary alignment so I thought I'd give you a few pointers to the WHAT, WHY and HOW of it all, and throw a few choices your way on how to dance with it, and let it dance with you.

Venus is all things lovely, the stuff we adore, the things we WANT WANT WANT! The people we find HOT, the items we MUST buy. It's how we enjoy life, and what we seek to lure our way, like a spider in a web.

Pluto is the spider in the web. Or maybe the web itself. Its the energy that holds us in a vice until we either breakthrough or breakdown and die. It's the part of ourselves that wants it ALL, or none at all, thanks.

So love meets obsession. Enjoyment meets intensity. Beauty meets a crisis point.
Relationships meet ultimatums.

We're attracted to people/things/situations that are shady, in the shadows, sexy, saucing, steaming, but perhaps not altogether legal. An underworld connection? Deceit and mistrust? Naughty, naughty...but oh, so nice eh?

Will Love die this week? Of course not. Love is Love. It is. It was. It always will be. Pluto will uncover certain things you hate about people (your lover, friend, business parter). And of course, yourself. Why else would this "issue" be on your dirty doorstep? Wake up. And many relationships enter the Minefield on these days, but it's all to Dig Up the Dirt and Darkness so that we can Love More Fairly: in other words to LEARN TO LOVE, unconditionally.

So the shit is about to hit the fan with a certain someone. Or a certain way you've been loving. Even yourself. Can you let some parts fall, and allow love to continue leading you down the path, without the crap you've been hauling with you in the name of Safety, Security or Pure-Compulsion? Or will you seek to obliterate the ones you're hungering for love FROM?!

Artists: Revamp your style. Throw out your old ways and try a new energy on for size - new sounds, colors, forms, feelings, textures, tastes.

Lovers: Take the games to the bedroom. Explore new domination/submission themes to release pent up pressure. Find new ways to have an orgasm. Explore your DARK SIDE and love every minute of it.

That's the key now - can you LOVE (Venus) the Dark Side (Pluto). His Dark Side. Her Dark Side. It's Dark side. and YOUR OWN Dark Side?

Well, can you?

Coz it's staring at you right in the face on these days. Point the finger of blame, and you've lost the plot.

Intrigue, suspicion, jealousy, rage, hatred. In the field of Finance & Relationships.

All emotions that should trigger you into a higher state of awareness that "this is where the treasure is. Something means too much to me here, and needs addressing."

Intense emotion on any scale shows an attachment. To a belief, a thing, a person, a feeling. And attachments breed pain, because we're siding with something outside of ourselves, feeling its EVERYTHING to us. And that it IS us. Wrong.

Pluto will take from you, that which you hold on to, too tightly.
Love it, but let it fly free and Pluto will show you new vistas, new depths.

You can't avoid the crap, but you don't need to bathe in it. Muck feeds your garden, and roses CAN grow knee deep in shit.
But it stinks, and you lose the beautiful scent of the rose, when you pile up too much at your door.

Ask yourself this: Would you DIE for this?

If so, great, hold on tight and get it over with.
if not, then find a compromise, or let it go and move on.


Love...the rest is just a Game. And it's always tipped in favor of the House (Universe).

Your Astrologer,

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