Saturday, April 26, 2008

A special story....

I heard this story today, that i thought you'd like to hear, and perhaps by way of cosmic synchronicity, it shall deliver its special message to YOU.



A hunter lived in India and every two years, he'd visit Africa and bring back animals and prizes and treasures he found on his travels. One year he went to the jungle and discovered a large secret place, filled with beautiful parrots, multicolored and they all talked. Amazed, he took out a net out and captured one and put it in a cage. He brought it back to be with him in India as his pet and fed the parrot sunflower seeds through the bars of the cage, and rice and all sorts of treats and took wonderful care of him.

Two years went by, the hunter talking to his beloved bird every day, when he was scheduled for his next trip back to Africa. 'Is there anything you'd like me to say to your friends?' he asked.

"Yes" replied the parrot. "Tell them I'm very happy in my cage, that i am joyful and that i love being in my cage with you.

The Hunter returned to Africa, back to the place he'd been two years before and told the story. "Your friend wants you to know he is happy in his cage, joyful with me and he has no regrets" he said.

At the instant of hearing this, a bird on one of branches keeled over and dropped dead, stiff as a board.

Assuming he was just filled with sorry at hearing what had happened to his friend, the Hunter returned to India and told his parrot what had happened.

"I did just as you said and at that moment, he was so upset that he had missed you, that your friend dropped dead".

At that instant his parrot in the cage keeled over dead. And went stiff.

How could this happen? The Hunter was bewildered. He took his dead parrot out of the cage and carried him outside, grieving to bury him in the yard, when suddenly, the parrot flapped its wings and flew up to a nearby tree.

The Hunter was shocked. 'You tricked me" he cried.

The Parrot peered down at him.

"My friend was sending me a message. He told me by his actions: in order for you to escape from your cage, you must die while you are alive."


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