Thursday, April 17, 2008

Coming Soon!: The Astrological Life Coach CD Toolkit

The Astrological Life Coach Personal Toolkit is a specially designed CD series offering a unique snapshot of every important piece of your Astrological Jigsaw (Your Birth Chart).

The series will kick off with a look at your personal Sun Sign and the specific HOUSE it falls in, within your Personal Astrology Chart.

Each CD is a personal Reading by me, and is specific to You!

This is a great way to explore yourself, your psyche, your life and your Chart in a deeply profound and personal way. And we get to share the Journey together.

So stay tuned, and get ready for a rollercoaster ride with me by your side (or in your ear) whispering things about yourself you thought you'd kept secret, you thought no one knew or ever could know, and things to trigger your unconscious into higher realms of awareness.

Are you ready to reveal your true self?

The first CD in the series is being release soon, so stay tuned, tell your friends and prepare to begin a whole new journey into a very strange and exciting land - Yourself!

Enjoy slumbering on for now in your usual Modus Operandus - and I'll give you an astro-nudge when we're ready to lift off.


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