Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Longing, Loving & Lasting: Venus trines Pluto & Saturn

Continuing our theme from yesterday, Venus - the planet of beauty, harmony, love, affection, gifts, art and peace - is in beautiful aspect to two powerful planets today (May 1) making it a powerful week - Pluto (rebirth, awakening, transformation) and Saturn (structure, discipline, longevity).

Relationships can be taken to a new level - as we perform a clean-sweep, cutting away the crap that's clinging or outdated modes of sharing (quite simply there are things both of you no longer like or need) or just a physical clear out (how about going through the closet and tossing stuff out).

It's time to celebrate the old but trade it in for something new that you both enjoy. If you're single, what do you REALLY love about yourself? Enhance those aspects of your personality or 'look' this week and you'll be noticed, admired and appreciated. Venus is beauty and Pluto is depth passion and sizzling sexuality. Looks CAN kill this week, but not in a deadly way, this is after all a beautiful easy alignment (thankfully), but people may fall at your feet or be ready to give you exactly what you want, if you can allow yourself to be seduced (can you let go?).

Venus-Pluto contacts are times of soul-mate connections, intense sexual experiences, deep-deep meetings, seances and intimate moments. Secrets shared between those we truly feel bare, naked, vulnerable beside and before.

And in other news...

Venus also is in beautiful alignment with Saturn, helping us map out long-term what we want in terms of relationships and also in terms of finances. it's a great time to work out how to strip (Pluto) your budget (Venus) and make it a bit more sensible and serious (Saturn). Buy something major of lasting value or invest in something we truly value. It's not time to go wild, but time to place it safe and stick to what's tried and true, while revamping the old.

Don't throw out anything that you still hold dear. Allow it change form now. Allow death to give it a new face, a new feel, a new focus.

Venus is for everyone, a reflection of that part of everyone that beholds something as valuable, beautiful and desired.
Ask yourself this week: do I value it, do i want it to change, how can I enjoy it in a new way, how can i focus on lasting pleasure and beauty as opposed to the temporary or momentary, and how can I invest in the best to bring out even more of the same?

What we focus on grows, and this week becomes a testament to that. Focus on the darkness long enough to know what ISN'T fun, ISN'T enjoyable anymore, and ISN'T beautiful (in your eyes, not the eyes of the world/family/friends) and then switch your Venus-attraction-magnet (because that's all her energy is, our inner attraction-principle) into what you DO enjoy, find beautiful and want to attract.

The Law of Attraction comes back into our minds.

Question is - what do you want to attract next?

Love to charm a snake,

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