Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More, Faster, Better, Bigger - NOW!

April 24: Mars moves into opposition with Jupiter.

Mars: Action, Energy, Aggression, Confrontation, New Directions, Sexual Desire,
Jupiter: Expansion, Growth, New Horizons, Knowledge, Culture, Philosophy, Greener Grass

This week, we all want (Mars) one of the following: something bigger/better/faster/more comfortable/more expensive/classier/tastier/richer/more natural/reputable/wealthy.

And at the same time we're expanding our awareness (Jupiter) into: new experiences, fresh starts, more action, new projects, fun, sexual conquests, speed, desire, confronting things, directness.

Oppositions bring TWO energies into a confrontation - cooperation or conflict?

You'll play out one of the two options this week:

Mars-Jupiter Oppositional Conflict:

You want it all RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW that you push push push and end up rejected, or destroying the new idea or fresh start you wanted, because you come across as annoyingly pushy, aggressive and arrogant. You want to apply your knowledge NOW, and can't learn patience, thus people think your wisdom is actually self-righteousness. You force your way onto others and come across as a bulldozer. Your desires become more important than anyone elses.

You bite off more than you can chew, are late, over-promise and end up disappointing someone because you've overstretched. In your bid to expand and grow you end up starting a million things, and finishing none, and spreading yourself so thin because you're juggling, and the balls are about to drop.

Gambles, risks and actions that aren't well thought through land you in the deep end - the more you risk, the more you lose. Your inability to wait it out leads to more headaches later. Bigger and better doesn't necessarily save you stress. Are you ever satisfied with where you're at, or are you banging your head against a wall in your race for a "better' life?

Mars-Jupiter Oppositional Cooperation:

You save yourself aggravation in the short term by focusing on the possibility there's a bigger picture and something better for you out there if you're not having your needs met right now today. Your desires may NOT be the best thing for you, and the world will show you a new possibility this week. A new adventure awaits, but wait - have you packed everything you need? What do you desire now? What will you need to at least GET YOU STARTED? Why leave home on any journey without the essentials? At least SOME planning is better than none. What's your map? A checklist, a to do list, or are you blindly racing ahead with no plan and no REAL chance of sustained success. "Luck" only gets you so far, but if luck is being in the right place at the right time, don't you need to know what you want, to end up in the place that will ultimately fulfill that need?

Expand your possibilities, Want more and allow for more to make itself known. Open up your horizons. Put all your energy into making more room, finding out more information, seeking contact with those from different cultures, different backgrounds, in different fields. Stay OPEN to every piece of information/advice/wisdom that comes your way. Truth runs through everything. Realize anger is just misplaced desire and passion. Energy can be better applied to enjoying what you have while making things better by focusing on the silver lining, or the POTENTIAL for one.

With Mars in Cancer and Jupiter in Capricorn, most issues will be worked out this week within the areas of our Home and Careers - are we spending so much time trying to develop our professional lives that our family/home/domestic situation is suffering? Are we ignoring our feelings and intuition because we're too busy trying to ' make something of ourselves'? Could we be missing an opportunity to get out of a funk by getting out of the house and giving something new a shot?

Are we ignoring our inner Mom by trying to control everything? Are we denying our inner father by hiding in a cocoon and refusing to extend our comfort zones?

In relationships this week, look to challenges relating to needs versus obligations, closeness versus freedom.

In the quest for more, can you get by with less?

Enjoy the race, the sparring, the game and the possibilities this week - real results may not be forthcoming yet but it'll be a hell of a lot of fun trying.

Have fun!

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