Friday, April 11, 2008

Tool #1: House Rulerships: Your holographic life

If you haven't already, check out the new free tools at my website. By now, you should have a copy of your birth chart and have been able to figure at least SOME things out on your own. The House your Sun is in for example - and then listened to the free audio clip where I talk about what it means for you (and which house out of the 12, it dwells within).

Armed with your chart you can explore and expose various facets of your Nature. This is another method you can use to unravel and uncover new information about the various areas of your life called "House Rulerships".

As a recap: take a look at the picture above to see what the 12 houses mean.

With Tool # 1, we're going to work out a little more about our first house. Planets INSIDE the first House can show us more about HOW we look, HOW we act and WHAT we present to the world. WHAT others see when we are around. HOW others "label" us.

The planets energies you can see at my Astrology 101 Page. Just find the Planet in your 1st House. Simple.

Since each house is RULED by a particular planet, we need to find YOUR First House Ruler. Say you have Aries Rising. Find ARIES on the Astrology 101 Grid, and see which planet sits beside it. In this case - it's Mars.

Now find WHICH HOUSE *Mars* sits in, in your Chart.
This gives more information on what your first house energies are doing.

Still with me?

if so, great you can move on now to what it all means below. We'll just start with your first house.

1. Find out which sign is on the House Cusp. In this case, House 1 - what is your Rising Sign? Then find the planetary RULER in the grid.

2. See where your planetary ruler is.

3. Read what it means below.

Any questions, either post them here or email

Of course all of this and more is covered in a personal Reading with me to save you time and effort. That's where my 15+ years experience comes in - but these tools are offered complimentary for those who like to figure things out for themselves.

Your First House Rulerships

Ruler of the First House in the First House

You want to create a distinct first impression on other people and the image you project is very important to you. There may be a strong resemblance to one of your grandparents.

Ruler of the First House in the Second House

You have a strong desire to accumulate possessions and earning your own money is important to you. What you have, materially speaking, influences your outlook on life. Creating your own sense of liberty and freedom largely depends on how well you handle your financial security issues.

Ruler of the First House in the Third House

You're curious about life and learning is important to you. You want to get your ideas noticed and communication is important to you.
There is a strong need to feel well integrated into your immediate community and you may make many short local trips.
You tend to have a lot of interest in your siblings if you have them and you identify strongly with close relatives in general.

Ruler of the First House in the Fourth House

You may have a strong identification with your mother and/or your home and it's likely that your upbringing had a strong influence on you. You enjoy your privacy and the domestic scene in general. Inheritance in the form of real estate of some kind is a possibility, perhaps through a grandparent.

Ruler of the First House in the Fifth House

You enjoy most forms of play and recreation. Love, love affairs and other social activities help to enhance a healthy self image.
There may also be a strong identification with children in general, even your own children. You are creative and you have the ability to hold the attention of an audience. Remember, you can't go wrong when you follow the dictates of your own heart.

Ruler of the First House in the Sixth House

This chart factor indicates that you have a strong work ethic and you probably identify yourself by the work you are capable of doing. Health is important to you and very often your outlook on life affects your well-being. Avoid getting caught up in negative downward spirals. You are the type of person who can reap personal benefits from staying active and feeling useful. Your own cares and concerns will melt away when you find a way to become involved in helping others.

Ruler of the First House in the Seventh House

The relationships that you form with other people, such as your marriage partner or best friends, will represent a high priority for you. Even though you make a strong impression on other people whether you're aware of it or not you really care about their opinions and their acceptance of you. Where diplomacy is a plus, you can teach others something about the fine art of cooperation. You'd make a fine counselor because of your ability to relate to other people.

Ruler of the First House in the Eighth House

You may have a lot of curiosity about the so-called mysteries of life such as occult practices and other metaphysical studies. You can develop your psychic abilities or perhaps you are more drawn to the healing potential found in the eighth house.
You'll likely have an important experience that transforms your life approach in a major way. Whatever it is, you'll emerge more evolved at a very deep level of your being. Other people's resources, such as a spouse's money, or an inheritance, could play a significant role in your life somehow.

Ruler of the First House in the Ninth House

You have a strong interest in broadening your mental experiences, perhaps through higher education, exploring different philosophies of life, or even through developing your own ideas about what makes the universe tick. Be ready to do some long distance traveling during your life. It's in the stars.

Ruler of the First House in the Tenth House

Whatever career you end up in, it's one that you feel a strong sense of identity with. You may also have a strong identity with your father, or perhaps just authority figures in general. You have an enhanced sense of duty and responsibility, which accounts for your sometimes very serious outlook on life. People know this and they don't mind handing over the controls to you when the time comes.

Ruler of the First House in the Eleventh House

Your friends, acquaintances and other large groups of people will play important roles in your life overall. Humanitarian pursuits and organizations dedicated to some kind of wide-scale social change may become significant to you also. You may strongly identify with those things that are considered to be ahead of the times, or with anything that breaks with societal traditions.

Ruler of the First House in the Twelfth House

Your outlook on life can be brought into balance by spending some time alone to meditate and recharge your batteries.
Avoid becoming your own adversary by falling into the "woe is me" victim trap. Spiritual philosophies that go beyond traditional orthodox viewpoints can bring revealing insights into your life and the meaning of it all. You may identify somehow with large public institutions that provide a service to society, especially the helping professions.


Next time, we'll explore your 2nd House - your money, cash flow, what you do with what you earn, how you earn and everything else connected to what you value, enjoy, appreciate and want.


Anonymous said...

What if there are no planets in my first house? How does the interpretation work in that case?


Check my Classes page: I go into more detail about this - you find the ruler of the house (Mars rules Aries, Venus rules Taurus and so on) and find where the ruler is (another house possibly). That connects the houses. Ruler of your 2nd in 5th: you can earn money (2nd) through creative projects (5th). Hope this helps. I'll have more on this in future classes or you can check in for a Reading and we can use your own Chart as an example. Neil