Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mind Your Mouth: Mercury enters Aries (April 2)

The groggy, confusing, mystical mind-meanderings of Mercury the messenger in watery Pisces is coming to an end. Hopefully, though, we can all keep what we learned with us - that sometimes, we're not being very clear, that we may need to repeat or re-read, that we may not be getting enough 'switch off' head space to do nothing but dream or meditate and that there IS more to life than meets the eye.

We'll need to keep these in mind as our minds enter a new phase of development as Mercury moves into fiery Aries tomorrow.

Prepare for a sudden rush of energy - our mouths, our minds and our motors are whirring. Cars suddenly speed, emails whizz out faster, we have more to say, more ground to cover and we don't feel we have as much time as we did last month.

Stand your ground, have your say, be firm and forceful, but know when to back out. You know what they say about winning the battle but losing the war...

Better yet, why fight at all? Everyone has a say. Have yours and listen to someone else's. Right now, it's less about agreement and everyone being heard.

Get writing, get moving, get thinking and get sharing your ideas. Tis the season.

Remember, w-o-r-d-s are s-w-o-r-d-s.


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