Saturday, April 26, 2008

The answer....every time

Whatever question you have this week, whatever "issue" you have, whatever problem that crops up, whatever roadblock, difficulty, upset, query or conflict you have.... there's one simple solution this week:

Realize that negativity is an illusion, that whatever is before you is MEANT to be there, and that be staying focused on the higher more "spiritual" aspects of your situation, things will work out the way they should with no need to force things the way you want them to be.


The North Node in Astrology is our spiritual signpost, it shows us where we're trying to get to, whether we know it or not. It's our soul direction, our 'true north'. And right now, the North Node is teaming up with NEPTUNE, the planet of spirituality, boundary dissolving, meditation, allowing, and transcendence.

You can't DO anything right now, to affect change. All you can do is allow, be, flow, accept. That is true compassion.

So accept whatever is happening, no matter what, and do one thing for yourself today: Give Thanks for it being here. it's aiding you in getting to a certain place. For on the physical journey, the greatest treasures are often the kinds we don't ever get to see. We get to feel them. So don't judge your current situations in terms of 'progress' 'success' or 'failure'. it's ALL helping, it's ALL perfect!

Happiness is a choice. So give up any energy directed at everything else, that'll be a big help this week.

Signs you're out of balance with what life is asking of you now:

Running away
Overdosing on anything
Playing the victim - whining, complaining, condemning

Ways to get back on track quickly:

Take a bath, go swimming
Have a shower
Drink some water
Sit and do NOTHING for ten minutes
Listen to music and drift away
Write a poem
Cry then get back to your life
Visit the Ocean


Let me know how it goes for you.

"Just Keep Swimming!"



Anonymous said...

THANKS! Your message came at a good time. Marti

L said...

yes I'm swimming along. I had some negativity a few days ago. I cried, took a bath (days later), and prayed. It worked actually. I even had a dream about taking a shower. Better things are happening.

Neil D Paris said...

Thanks for stopping by L - here's to the water washing away everything till its sparkly new and fresh once more.