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Apr 5: First New Moon of 2008: Are you ready?

The Aries New Moon - the first of the New Moons of this year (in the true Astrological Calendar) is always a special one. it's the STARTING point for us, where we get to truly enter the 'spirit of spring' no matter what weather you're currently experiencing in your corner of the cosmos.

The Ram, the Easter Bunny, the sap rising - the spirit of Aries is a fresh start, the pioneering and perennial childlike naive openness of which miracles are born.

Somehow, somewhere, life is offering you a fresh start. A new beginning. A clean slate.

When you woke up this morning (chances are you'll read this blog the day after if not the day lasts all month so don't worry) something inside has shifted. maybe it's just a new desire, a new bravery, the energy to get up, stand up and change something, look at something anew or else turn a page (and a corner) with new determination.

Aries is the sign of war and fighting
(also weapons of war - this time last year we were witness to one of the worst school shootings in US history. I am sure we'll bear witness somewhere of both facets of the Aries energy this year on cue). War will erupt now - but only in places and pockets of society (and our psyche) where we feel stuck, trapped, repressed.

Mars is the planetary ruler of this particular New Moon but he's currently in Cancer, a water sign in conflict with Aries, giving us wake up call to how insecure we may truly be, how our emotions are often the cause of much conflict in our lives and how domestic unrest (feeling ill at ease at home, without our own four walls or families or within our skin - our true spiritual home in this lifetime) is truly the cause of all conflicts worldwide.

You can do your part to ease the global conflict situation - by resolving your OWN conflict. Your own internal disputes and resolve your own domestic discord. That's a small point with major RAM-ifications, this Aries season.

In Cancer, Mars says 'I want to demonstrate how I feel', I want to repair my home defense system, I want to secure the door, and make sure the dragon in the moat is fed and happy and alert. The US of course is a Cancer country, and we've seen so much of Saturn's past transit through Cancer as a time of 'home-land security'. With Mars here, if we're not secure, we're over-defending our spaces and igniting wars where there truly is no need to. Are you passive aggressive or overly protecting yourself now?

There is no reason to let the Aries energy go to waste on such silly things (in the eyes of reincarnation and the philosophy that we are connected) as killing people, or even getting into a fight. This New Moon, channel your energy into a battle, yes. It's good for the soul. Conquer something. A project. The Gym. A new project. An old project that needs new life. Beat a wall down. Run a marathon. Sure, go to a shooting range. Shout, buy a punchbag and let it out. Have it out with someone who did you wrong - whether in person, or just in thought.

We don't need a physical presence before us to effect massive change. Aries is pure energy - the first of the fire signs. We need only think of someone, bring them to mind, and they are 'in our space'. So if you need to get pissed off at someone, do it in this safe and secure energy-space. It will create a change, guaranteed, if it comes from the heart. They too shall feel it. And some form of release will be afforded you.

Aries New Moons are all about choosing our battles.

Some battles lead to something created.
Some battles lead to something destroyed.

In the simple act of choosing creation, we choose destruction. But we end up with something to show at the end, that we can be proud of. The only thing we destroy is the void, the waiting, the nothingness that was there before. Our product has been birthed by the energies of spring - be it a poem, a new home, a relationship, a baby, a novel, a painting, a portfolio, a presentation, a driving test.

Conflicting Alignments

The New Moon is challenged by Mars in Cancer as we mentioned. As it's a separating aspect, can we MOVE ON from past emotional and domestic conflicts? Can we forgive, forget and wipe it from our memory or will the past be reflected in each new conflicted situation we move into now? It's time to use the past memory of conflict resolution or retribution release us from repeating past errors. Each old recurring emotion can lead us somewhere new.

The New Moon is challenged by Jupiter in Capricorn.
How can we be carefree if we're still trying to overdo our climb to the top? How can we be free children if we're carrying the baggage of status, reputation and the worry that we won't make it? What is success? Are we overextending ourselves? In Business or pleasure, make sure work and play are balanced. Don't overdo it - moderation is hard to come by now, if anything slow down on your bid for More, Higher, Better!

Helpful Alignments

The New Moon is aided by Chiron in Aquarius. The more universal we can be, the more healing we can find. Rally the group around. Continue starting new practices - here in Los Angeles, my partner helped the building receive the Blue Bins, a free recycling program you have to ASK to be included in. Finally our area can now continue to recycle and help the environment. Small starts go a long way. All you have to do is initiate and implement it now.

Chiron in Aries says help your friends out, help them start over and allow them to get YOU out of a rut. Stay alert to NEW ways of doing things. Try a radical approach. Chiron in Aries finds a way off the beaten track. Be Unique or Don't Bother!

START what you want, desire and dream of. This is WISH DAY in the Astrological Calendar. Wherever Aries falls in our charts is where new seeds will be planted. Doing so consciously is the way to go. To help you in this process, I have created a new series of New Moon Ritual Readings, each one dedicated to the unique New Moon possibilities and potentials each month.

If you sign up for one of these unique Readings now I'll let you know what it means for you personally based on your own Birth Chart (if you order the special 45 minute Past Life, Present Path Reading that I have brought back again this year I'll throw some info in at the end for you too on this, look under the SPECIALS tab at the main site and I'll give you pointers on how to best make use of this time.

For those of you who know Astrology, it falls at 16Aries.

This New Moon period:

Bang something - anything except someone else or your head on a wall
Avoid bruises, cuts, burns and fights by re-channeling energy and slowing down when necessary
Get the ball rolling
DO some sports or hit the gym
Do it NOW
Stop procrastinating
Find a new look - define yourself in new ways
Have a haircut, tweeze hairs, have cosmetic surgery
Launch a new product
Be courageous - no more pussyfooting around
Stand up and be counted
Be active and assertive, not passive/passive-aggressive and annoying
Be impulsive but don't run a red light
Give slow people lots of leg room
Save yourself a headache by moving AROUND obstacles fast

It's a very masculine time. "Men's" issues are major now, just watch the news. Aries is war remember, so fighters are well starred. The army will love this period. So will athletes, firemen, cops and anyone who has to show a test of courage and strength. Women too aren't immune to this - testosterone hits them, and we'll see the posse of aggressive women hit the screen again - Alias or Buffy style. The old 'kick ass women with a gun' routine. Don't laugh, just you watch.
Women get to test out their masculine sides. Yee-haa..

Spiritually this is a time to define the self. Since it all comes from you, and comes back to you - who are you?

Work out what makes you tick,
and your body clock will happily
keep on tocking.

Forward March, this April!


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Pat Paquette said...

Get the ball rolling? Ha! As you know, Neil, we absolutely did ... by launching a new astrology website and blog! And of course we timed it that way deliberately ... which meant working like crazy to meet a tight deadline. But as we love to say, "In astrology, timing is everything."

Love your site!