Thursday, June 26, 2008

U-Turn, Shocks & Sudden Surprises! (Uranus goes Retrograde June 26 - Nov 27)

Prepare for an imminent u-turn, sudden surprise, or some other 'veering off the direction you thought you were heading in'.

Maybe the change has been planned for a long time (nothing 'sudden' is every truly a surprise when you peer behind the's been building from somewhere), or maybe it bubbles up in a short space of time. Uranus, the energy of innovation, liberation and freedom is retrograding soon, and the Changes we THOUGHT we wanted, we no longer desire. The Changes we THOUGHT we'd made, may no longer work or need tweaking. And the Changes we HAVEN'T made in our own best interests (i.e to aid our self-understanding and freedom as unique individuals) may be made seemingly made for us.

Life, events, circumstances - all conspire now to bring you to a closer awareness of YOU. And the You you want to be, rather than the tangles of 'stuff and situations' you find yourself in, that you somehow, laughingly believe IS you. Imagine!

We all have a true north and many side-streets to get there, and many to squander our talents, resources and life-force. Neon signs now MAY be forcing our hand in turning a better corner that's right for US, not what is logically right for anyone else.

Don't identify with what is before you now.

I was reminded of this advice recently from a very astute Aries - the sign of self-identity. Just observe, witness and see where the change, or option or possibility of Change lies in each situation that now unfolds.

Stability? Forget it! Don't actively seek it out right now because somewhere, lurking in your Astrology Chart (and life) is this Uranus energy - the troublemaker to all those who want eternal safety and security. And it's moving backwards to rock the boat a little for the sake of freshness.

It's affecting a SPECIFIC area of your life, and often a number of areas (the HOUSE its moving through in your Chart, the House ruled by Aquarius and any planets in OTHER houses its affecting).

Needless to say it's more complicated than meets the eye, but that's where my job comes in. If you need some pointers, schedule a Reading and I'll help you (along with Uranus) to get you OUT of a bad situation, UNSTUCK from a rut, and well on your way again to being - well, the Free Spirit you were born to be, and are right now, even though life may not seen to be dealing you the Freedom Hand.

(The Reports are a great thing to turn to now, to aid you in re-discovering your TRUE nature, not the layers of muck you've picked up from thinking you know what life is asking of you! See them here).

Is it only a U-turn, a sudden surprise or shock, a reversal of action or direction? Or is it a subtly, clever, trickster disguise to get you to reevaluate your social awareness, your social position, your friendships, your "network", your ability to think on your feet and your true nature and ability to 'wing it'.

We'll all find more of ourselves this week, but it won't come from things we nail down or have set in stone. Growth now comes in sudden spurts when we think we're going crazy or life is mad. An electric shock to the system to ensure than we simply can't carry on living boring lives of sameness when we came here to destroy or test out or comfort zones so that we continually are propelled forwards to learn new things, feel new things and experience new things that help us feel new things!

When the prison bars break apart, will you really know you're free to go, or will you sit and complain the safety and security of your usual "view" has been ruined.

See you on the flip side!

Your Erratically-Energized Astrologer of Liberation,.


Iskatel said...

Hi! I really like your blog! Let's cooperate? I also blog about astrology. I'm from Ukraine. I look forward to a response.

Iskatel said...

Hi! I really like your blog! Let's cooperate? I also blog about astrology. I'm from Ukraine. I look forward to a response.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely speechless - how spot on is this. I really must schedule a reading. You are simply fabulous. The work you do is amazing and helps so many of us. Thank you x x x missp