Sunday, June 22, 2008

Foggy Road Ahead!: Mars opposes Neptune

This week, Mars is opposing Neptune - an angle 180 aparts, creating a polarity between two forces, that can either work together or fight.

It's a sluggish time, since Mars relates to the principle of Energy and Outward Drive. Neptune throws up fog banks out of nowhere, making us want to sleep in an extra five hours, or daydream. Not the best thing when you work with knives or you're signaling to switch lanes on the freeway.

You know that feeling in a dream when you simply can't run or walk? It's not the best week for firm, decisive action. The theme of this week is less "gym-oriented" aggressive plans and methods, and more fluid "yoga/swimming" type enterprises.

If you get angry, it's likely there are few ways to express it appropriately, if at all. The best way to make use of this aspect (as they all have SOME benefit) is to channel your drive and focus into letting things slide a little more, in taking the pressure off, in maybe having just ONE more moment of quiet before you get up and carry on.

Find your escapism or it'll find you - by sideswiping you in that lane switch on the freeway, or by throwing a blanket of thick fog over the most well-laid out plans.

And if you do work with knives, heat, tools or things that move fast - pay attention or go have a cigartette/chocolate break and return refreshed.

Switch off by all means, just make sure you do switch BACK ON before going about your "usual business". The message life is trying to get across to you in moments of fuzziness, is that you DON'T have all the answers or power/control and you DON'T NEED IT. The "spirit world" and other dimensions of energy and existence are seeping into our reality - so stay alert for intuitions, hunches and follow them.

Not everything is at it seems...

Voila! Some short but sound advice from above the clouds, during this nebulous week.
If you get stuck, just holler!

Your Safe Passage through the Confusion Astrologer,


Anonymous said...

Hi, Neil!
Are you prepared for the conjunction Saturn-Mars?

Anonymous said...

No wonder I feel 'out of it' this week. I hope you're well. Love, Marti