Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Sun Moves into Cancer! June 20

How do you feel? That's the bottom line question now that the Sun has moved into watery Cancer, sign of the home, comfy dwellings, nests and wombs. You're either feeling fed and full or you're hungry and empty.

It's the month to nurture yourself and then spend time feeding others - invite them over for food, buy them a meal, go over and make one at theirs. Share some hugs, emotional currency is as much a necessity as financial. Get your home in order - new pillows? How about donating stuff you don't use? Enough food in the kitchen or are you scratching and snacking?

You have a month to be your own Mother - that means, securing your defenses, seeing that your Inner Kid is happy and fed and watered and making your environment as conducive to being comfortable as possible.

And don't forget the most important part of Cancer Country - your feelings, emotions, intuitions, gut churning moments. They all mean something, so don't avoid them, ignore them or worst yet - suppress them.

Feel them. Then let them move through you. Don't get stuck on any one feeling - this is the season of emotional variety. But, if one does come home to roost, and sticks around a bit, explore it. Chances are high it's some of "your" material - stuff from way back when, you ignored way back THEN. That needs digging up and letting out. And the only way to do that is REVISIT YOUR PAST IN THE HIGHEST EMOTIONAL MOMENTS IN THE PRESENT - because that's just what it is.

Let the past pull, while anchoring yourself in how it can aid you NOW. In being happy, comfy and content HERE - in your present place in life.

Your feel-good Astrologer,

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