Friday, June 20, 2008

Featured Report: Your Karmic Insight

The Karmic Insight Report (just $19.95) is one of my personal favorites (I know I shouldn't HAVE favorites because they are all superbly useful for different things but this one is popular for good reason, and it's a great read).

It covers what it says, your "karma" which I always find a weird word, but basically it draws on patterns in your Birth Chart that come from the past - your past lives, or your family line, your ancestry or heritage. You'll be surprised how many patterns we repeat in this lifetime!

People ask me, 'what was going on in past lives?" and i often tell them, 'Take a look around because it's likely to be some form of replay!'.

This Report can help you get out of cosmic 'loops' and find the loophole that lets you resolve and complete "old stuff" and let go of patterns that you've been repeating, that keep tripping you up.

It shows you the Darker Side to yourself as well as the GIFTS you brought in (for all your hard work last time round!).

So sit back, and enjoy a tour of your Chart through the lens of Karma & The Past.

To order, visit the link below and scroll down the page. Emailed within 24 hours of your order. Just send your birth time, date and place after your order to and I'll take care of it for you, personally.

Karmic Insight Report $19.95 - See a sample and Order Yours!


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