Sunday, June 08, 2008

Report Special: Get one get one Free!

For those interested in checking out the extensive list of Personal Astrology Reports on offer, and who haven't had a chance yet (or those who have who want further insight) you can now do so and save a bunch of cash!

Choose a Report and get your Second Free, under the current special at the site.

You can choose from a list of Natal Reports - detailing your Personality, Life Path, Gifts, Weaknesses, Relationship energies, Career/Finance and more.

Relationship Reports - to detail how you and another connect, click, clash, soul patterns, possible past lives and more.

Past Life & Karmic Insight Reports
- to discover themes you've carried over into this lifetime. What trips you up and where you're trying to get to. The missions you set yourself for this chapter of your Soul's Journey.

Birthday Solar Return & Year Ahead Reports - a special package for ANY time of year, detailing the entire 12 months from birthday to birthday! Check out your themes, patterns, challenges, opportunities, issues and more in this unbeatable deal, two Reports in one unique Package. A repeat favorite for clients.

Transit Reports - to discover what's going on right now and what's coming up ahead. Covers the minor and major cycles you're in today, and what yesterday has been teaching you, and an eye on what's upcoming so you can plan ahead. A personal weather forecast, detailed and very, very useful.

That's just some of the choices. I HIGHLY recommend my favorites: The FULL NATAL (80+ pages, and more in-depth than anything you'll find anywhere else, when it comes to birth reports). The SOLAR RETURN & YEAR AHEAD PACKAGEto map out what's expected of you and what you can achieve this year into next year. And the KARMIC INSIGHT Report, to glimpse your soul's journey.

All the Reports are awesome, but there are some of my favorites. And most run at around $20!

Enjoy this special. Since it's a steal, it's only on until June 15, so be sure to order sooner rather than later, and I look forward to sharing more of YOU with you!

Check out the Reports and choose your 2nd Free

Your Astrologer,

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