Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Get Comfy! Venus enters Cancer (June 18)

Venus just moved into Cancer, throwing us a million and one reasons to enjoy our creature comforts, home space, deep emotional bonds with those we class as our true "family".

Some of you are no doubt painting or decorating, or renovating your House, Apt, Palace, Trailer. Whatever that place is you call "home", you're spending money on making it better, upgrading it or hosting others inside of it with a budget for a major or mini banquet. Maybe you're moving or looking at how much to spend on your rental budget. Or are you looking to buy a place, or plot of land?

Enjoying what we've always loved is on the cards also. It's different for everyone, but you have your "own thing" that makes you feel safe and secure. Again it's that feeling of going 'back home' to a place, thing, person - something to trigger the FEELING - of a time and place in life that just felt gooooood.

Crack out the photo album and cherish old memories.
Check in with old flames or friends from the past, or family members who've been left out in your race to make a future.
Fill the cupboards (and your belly or the bellies of others) with good, comfort food.
Cook, Bake!
Do some housework - you'll be amazed how good it makes you feel. Guaranteed.
Spend some private time alone - turn off the phone or TV.
Relive some great moments, if possible share the stories with another who was there.
Find old schoolmates, friends, lovers online, go in search of those you spent so many years with.

Relationships now take a more emotional turn - we remember issues from our pasts that may be in the way of a real, authentic PRESENT connection.
We need more hugs, to give them and get them, and we need to know we're SAFE to proceed. Are you creating an atmosphere of safety for another to share their feelings, and are you welcome to do the same...?
The way we love now, is to find a place to settle for a time. A partnership pit stop, to refresh our souls.

Some relationships will end now, because this is a time when we withdraw to see if we're being 'fed' in the way we need to be. It's important - are you stuffing yourself with an old emotional diet? What do you NEED now? Share that with others - give them a chance to offer it to you, or at least let you know they aren't able to give what you need.

Get comfy, stay home if need be, visit childhood haunts or people from the past, share what feeds you (after you've fed yourself) and let others close enough to actually love the Real You!

Your Astrologer,

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