Saturday, June 14, 2008

Temper Tantrums: Mars/South Node in Leo

With Mars the warrior marching hand in hand with the South Node in the next few days, it'd be all too easy to let old issues flare up again.

Feeling frisky? Impatient? Not special enough? In Leo, Mars demands attention or a creative focus/ego stroke, and if we're not getting it, if we don't feel our egos are being treated like royalty, we could "get into it" with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Mars is pure energy, pure aggression, pure confidence, pure DO IT NOW-ness. The South Node is our past, our ancestry, heritage, our 'default'.

Angry people have even more reasons to continue exploding.
Passive people either end up attracting every greater foes (who'll do it for them) blowing off steam indirectly or doing internal damage by suppressing.

Ask yourself in the next few days: What are you angry about? What are you doing about your anger? Are you blaming, projecting, ignoring, denying? And what can you do instead of wasting time on complaining about your situation...?

It was only the other night as this energy was brewing, that I was coming home to witness a group of 4 or 5 guys standing outside the building next door to mine. One man threw a punch at another, who fell to the ground. It seemed like a joke, it was so loud. The man didn't get up.

As they all left him and drove off, I came inside the building with my friend and we went up to one of the balconies. The man was still lying there, a crumpled heap on the sidewalk. He called the police and we went downstairs. He was still lying there, two new people standing over him now.

In a few minutes, a fire engine pulled up with an ambulance. The man had blood welling up out of his throat. They tore open his shirt and began punching down on his ribcage. They stuck plastic pipes in his throat, and continued administering CPR.

It was a site I have never seen before. Residents were gathering around, watching. Waiting and wondering if this man was about to die on the sidewalk before them, or if he already had passed away.

It was a surreal moment. Everyone connected by one common thread. The police arrived and my friend gave his account. The man who had called the police before him, had seen everything. He knew the man who had done it. The security guard in the building next door! The man who had been hit, had supposedly strangled a woman in the building in a domestic dispute earlier. And was outside drinking when the security guard came out and threw the punch.

Who's the victim? Everyone involved. Even the bystanders covering their mouths or watching intently as for 15 minutes, a man's ribcage is compressed to try and reactivate his heart.

It got me thinking about Anger. Mars stuff. About how it's so easy to find someone, to attract someone, and to stumble upon someone, who is ready to throw that final, fatal punch. Is it worth it?

I don't know if the man made it. They used an artificial lung to keep him breathing and carried him away, but we wondered if this was just to get him inside the ambulance. I don't know if they tried in vein for 15 minutes to revive him.

I sent healing energy to the man as he lay on the street. My friend had something valuable to say after the incident. We can only choose how WE receive the message, what WE can give or get from a situation. He did all he could, called the police, gave an account. I did all I could - save a safe energy space, and project Love to the man who was down, also to shield him from the onlookers who were projecting fear, anxiety, or the hunger for a drama show on the street, their own personal television.

Now, with Mars in Leo on the South Node - we get to grieve, to feel our own pains. And to decide on new ways to heal them, express them and let them go.

To aid us in this quest now, CHIRON is on the North Node - the Master of Healing Tonics and Potions and New Fangled Ways to make things better or bearable.

Many are currently checking in for spa treatments this week, my friend tells me. That's Chiron. Therapy, and other psychological healing methods are also great tools now.

Right now - energy, as it always is (but more noticeable now) is either FLOWING or BLOCKED.

That's it. The easiest way to see where you are in relation to any given moment.

Are you letting energy flow naturally. or are you forcing it?
Are you blocking energy, and thus affecting the flow of Nature?

As in the human body, things break down pretty fast in life once we block, impede, control or divert.


Be angry by all means, but know that it's not the event, the person, the THING that is the cause of the anger.

Anger is an emotion triggered from WITHIN. From YOU. From your past, your history, your beliefs.

It's all You.

Choose your battles this week - and if you have to fight, work on what's going on inside and why it bothers you so much. You'll save yourself a world of trouble on the outside.

And for goodness sake - LIGHTEN UP! This is one moment in your life, and nothing lasts forever.

If you need help with the Mars stuff, you know where to come (I have an Aries South Node so I'm your over-qualified Anger/Mars expert!)

Your Astrologer,

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