Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lighten your Load or Lose it! Full Moon in Sagittarius (June 18)

Are you feeling FREE? Chances are, you're not. But don't sweat it - that's the beauty of this Full Moon in Sagittarius period. We get to highlight areas of our lives where we DO and DO not feel fulfilled.

It's easy to get stuck in a rut, in habits that repeat and don't really do anything new for us except drive us in circles under the illusion of getting somewhere (when we're just spinning our wheels claiming we're doing our "spiritual work". It's not like we're encouraged at school to stretch/grow/expand out of our comfort zones (why on earth would we do that?!)

But that's just what we're asked to do now - are you making use of what you know? Are you sharing the wisdom, passing on the info? Are you sculpting your life to be an example of someone who 'walks their talk'? Living an example?

Is it time to bust out of one mental prison cell and explore the greater world?

Some of you may feel a deep desire to travel, get the hell out of dodge, run away, jump in the car (after grumbling about the cost of gas), or run screaming from a relationship or life situation where you feel trapped.

Others amongst you may feel a need to hit the books, finish up studies or decide what to do with what you've been working no all this time. Teaching? Or more studies? Will you head a class or sign up for one?

Our minds are buzzing with small insignificant data right now, and under the Full Moon we're asked, 'is it useful, and can you make sense of things by viewing them from a higher perspective? Can you take your learning to a new level? Broadcast a new message to others?

Climb a hill, get a new perspective on your problems. If you stay still, you'll be stuck with a limited viewpoint, and feel "stuck". Viewed from up high, you'll see it's just a moment, a stretch of road on your life's journey. A patch in your soul's quilt.

PLUTO, the Destroyer & Rebuilder is so tightly tied in to this particular Full Moon, it could be a rather intense one for many of us as something or someone is seemingly RIPPED from us, from beneath us or from beside us. Wow, talk about a loss of control.

Will you fight to retain the old connection
with this special thing/person/feeling?
Or can you loosen your grip and say 'For now, this is as it should be.'?

Pluto retrograded back into Sag recently, as one FINAL TEST to see if we've learned, truly learned the lessons we set out to learn this past year.

You KNOW now that some things you used to think were true, are not. Or at least the truth has changed. Some modes of living simply don't work. You have to give them up - and give up attachment to your little belief that used to mean so much. It's like discovering God, as an atheist. Or finding out there isn't one, as a Christian.

Major or minor, it's happening to us all. In various areas of our lives. We simply can't live by the same truths we used to. We need to find a new code of conduct, a new level of integrity, a new MEANING.

What do YOU mean?
What does your life mean?

If we took your life off the planet, and out of the current Earth Game, what would be lost? Another honest soul? A bright beam of optimism? An adventurous ability to keep trying and seeking? A sad-sack complainer? An impatient, rude selfish energy-sucker?

There's no right or wrong, no better or worse! How do YOU peg yourself, and what you have to offer. What's your Life Philosophy?

Right or Wrong - that's a big issue now. The only right or wrong are the kinds you yourself feel are important, but don't expect others to march to the same standards!

You're free now - whether you choose to see it or not. And that means free to chain yourself for another go-around, to pain, misery, or any other ugly bedfellow.
You're free to not be free!

Pluto now asks us to throw anything we're unsure on into the cauldron of life.
You may lose it, it may burn up, you may NEVER EVER see it or them again. Imagine it. But imagine if you will that anything gone, was a mere moment, a mere fabrication, an illusion on your life's voyage, to arrive to make you FEEL something. That's it. To feel it, be done with it, and let it go on, to someone else, who needs it.

Life isn't about the people. or the places. or the "stuff".
it's about the FEELINGS it all engenders within us.

So start there under this particular Full Moon - do you feel your world is wide and free? Are you in fear of expanding, growing, traveling? Are you culturally stuck on your side of the fence? Get a life - and live it, as far from your "usual" haunts, and usual faces.

If you stop learning now, you wither and die. Fill your mind with new vistas. Not just the upgraded one from Windows XP.

Bon Voyage - whether your trip takes you down to Hell, or up to Heaven, who cares - go along for the ride and soak up the new sites. And if you get 'bored' or burned, turn right around and head off in another direction.

Travel Light, it's time to unpack your "baggage" and travel lighter. Life will force it, if you cling. Some things are past their USE by Date. They've reached their ABUSED by date instead. Oops! You've been trucking around old thoughts, old truths, old things you NEEDED TO PROVE, but who cares anymore? Life is a moment by moment thing, carrying anything else is foolish!

Your Astrological Map-Navigator,

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