Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Astrologers Tip: Follow the Node (your Soul Signpost)

Want a fast, easy, quick and profound way to find out what you're here to work on this lifetime, and those behavior patterns you're trying to avoid, that may have served you in the past, but which only annoy you (and others) and mess things up this time around the wheel?

Take a look at my Node Page to discover your own and read up on what it means for you personally.

If you enjoy it, you can follow the links there for more personal and specific info to YOU. And you can schedule a Past Life Reading, and we'll cover what the Nodes mean also.

I want to Find my True North!

Have Fun!

Your Astrologer,


Anonymous said...

Hi there, Neil & Happy Healing to you!

About your blog on nodes:
My N. node is 13 Gemini. (7th house)
My boyfriends' N. node is 21 Pisces. (12th house)

If I have Saturn in the 4th house at 15 Pisces, and I have Chiron at 21 Pisces (conjunct his N. node)-What might this mean for 'us'?

Also, even though my sun is on theTaurus/Gemini cusp, and my venus & jupiter also are in Gemini- Life as a Sagittarious rising has been hellish with Pluto there....'power issues & transitions' only begin to describe it! And I hear pluto is 'coming baaaaack' into Sag. soon. Uh oh.

Peace & Kind Wishes,

TJ Nichols
Born- 5.19.1965
Staunton, Va. 8:02 pm

Neil D Paris said...

A 7th House North Noder asking a
question about Relationships, who would have guessed? :) (The 7th House of our chart relates to partnerships and one-on-ones of all kinds). Asking questions of course and finding things out is Gemini energy, and that's the sign of your North Node. So sounds like you're on track and heading in the right direction already, TJ!

Your boyfriends is interesting as his doubles up on energy - Pisces North Node in the 12th House (which relates to Pisces itself). So it's a clearcut direction from him in this lifetime to move through the controlling, need to fix things and have things go accordingly to their own plan, and realize everything's perfect AS IS.

Your South Node (our karmic past) in the 1st house of course shows past patterns of being solo and not 'checking in' with others, so the gypsy in you could cause troubles if you don't "talk it through" first with him, at least to get some feedback. Your boyfriend's old habits could create some work and health issues if he pushes too hard or allows himself to sink into old self-critical habits.

You asked about Saturn in 4th and how that would affect you, but I wasn't sure what you were trying to find out.

I'd recommend a Composite Chart Reading (the energy of the relationship as a 3rd energy combined from both of your charts). These are awesome in uncovering WHY you're together and WHAT you're here to do, share, work on. Synastry readings show you two relate across the board, how you affect him, how he affects you etc.

You can see the Reading options at

You did ask about your Chiron on his North Node: a number of options, just from this piece of info (as we don't have the larger overview we'd have in a reading) you could teach him new tools, new ways of seeing things and new ways of behaving that he can adopt and use in his own life, to help him on his path. You're like a teacher (VERY untraditional) to him.

On bad days, you're a thorn in his side. However even then, your issues become something that shows you how much of a healer he is. You heal him, he heals you. As long as you're both willing to look at your 'buttons' - in this relationship, you simply can't avoid them.

Hope this helps!